5 Perfect Summer Destinations for Family Vacation


Summer days are on the doorstep and the school break is almost here for your children. It’s the perfect time to plan your family vacation and have a great time together. Vacationing with your kids can be a specific situation depending on their age and the destination you plan to visit. To make your family vacation an unforgettable experience, you should choose the perfect summer destination to get relaxed and have fun with your kids too. Read on to find 5 ideas of perfect summer destinations you can visit and complete the planning process easily:3

  • Austin, Texas

With mostly sunny and warm weather, Austin is an amazing place to consider for your family vacation. This city offers great places for indoor and outdoor activities, arts, cultural attractions, and a lovely zoo. The Barton Springs Pool is a must-visit place in Austin. This is one of the largest pools and water parks in Austin, offering different attractions for children and refreshing water areas for parents. Also, the Big Top Candy Shop with over 2000 kinds of candies is a place for kids of any age to taste something delicious and never-seen. If you have a limited budget, there are many cheap apartments for rent in Austin and the surrounding area, affordable for any visitor here. 

  • Orlando, Florida

Orlando is another summer destination for your family vacation with unforgettable fun under the sun. Orlando is the home of the most popular theme parks, like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pepa the Pig, Dino park, and others, which are very interesting spots for having fun with your kids. Exploring the city and its natural parks, you will find family-friendly theme cafes to get relaxed, as well as many water parks by Disney as the main attraction for families during the summer. Also, Disney owns the biggest resorts and hotels in Orlando, so you should check them out.

  • Outer Banks, North Carolina

If you have a tight budget and want a modest family vacation, Outer Banks is your final destination. This is a place that lies on a series of islands with more than 100 miles of sandy beaches across the coast. Outer Banks is a cheap summer destination where you can find many museums and historical places and have interesting outdoor activities with your kids. For example, the Atlantic museum is a must-visit place to explore popular shipwrecks and spend a quality afternoon with your family. On the Hatters islands, you can take some climbing lessons depending on your kids’ age, learn how to windsurf in Pamlico Sound, or visit the national seashore there.

  • San Jose, California

San Jose is one of the biggest cities in California with a bunch of interesting places for both parents and children. One of these places for taking a walk with your family is Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, where your kids can see different animals, go on roller coasters and have fun all day. The Rotary Playgarden is another spot in San Jose with many activities, like climbing, down-sides, skateboarding areas, and so on. If you are into tech and your kids love the technology world too, Tech Interactive is one of the most popular tech centers in the Silicon Valley you have to visit, with many hands-on experiences and the latest tech trends.

  • Sandusky, Ohio

Packed with different family-friendly spots and attractions, Sandusky is another summer destination you should consider. The Casta Bay Waterpark is an amazing place for you to get refreshments in the summer days while your kids have fun on the water slides, roller coasters, splashing pools, and similar. Also, don’t forget to visit Kelleys Island in Sandusky, with great beaches and popular swimming areas. If you love animals, go to Lagoon Deer Park to feed the deer and have an interesting relaxing afternoon with your family.

Final thoughts

Choosing a perfect summer destination for your family vacation can be a specific situation depending on your children’s age and the planned budget. To have an amazing summer experience and interesting family time, you should check different places with engaging activities for all family members. There are many cities across the United States with interesting family-friendly spots to relax and take a refreshment from the summer heat. Your kids will look for fun and water attractions, so theme parks, museums, pools, and beaches are an inevitable part of your vacation too.  

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gek kar
gek kar
1 year ago

If you are looking for summer getaways with the family, I would recommend Disney World, Florida as one of the premier destinations to consider.
I know this sounds like something exclusively for the kids, but trust me, even adults cannot resist a lavish Disney holiday.
Cinderella’s Castle is a guaranteed delight for everyone, young or old.
The kids will also get to meet their favorite Disney characters in the flesh (or a man in a suit, but they do not need to know this).

kior roy
kior roy
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