5 Fun Outdoor Activities With Your Kids During Weekend


It is not easy to give your kids enough attention on the working days since there are so many things that require your time. With the work reports to prepare, you have to help your kids with homework, prepare them for bed early and in the morning for schools. All these activities hinder one from having quality time to spend with their kids. But you can create time on the weekend and compensate for all the lost time over the week by engaging in activities that you and the kids can enjoy. The best areas to enjoy time with your kids are outdoors since there are more spaces and you are exposed to more fun opportunities.

 Five fun outdoor activities that you can do with your kids during the weekend.

1. Hide and seek game.

This is easy to do an outdoor activity that is cheap since you utilize the resources around your home. The event allows the parent to bond well with their kids and helps them stay fit too. The game is suitable for toddlers as it will be much easier to monitor them while you play. To make it more challenging and fun, consider using the outdoor and indoor areas. Just ensure to set up the rules regarding the areas where the kids should reach when going to hide for safety purposes and to avoid injuries which may occur if the kid runs in unknown regions of the house.

2. Gardening.

Have you been planning to add more trees in your home or start a vegetable garden in your home? Well, you can make your work easier by doing it as a family. Besides, kids love to do adult staff and they will be thrilled to be part of what you are doing. They don’t have to help you by digging the nursery or even planting necessarily, but they can help you with the easy tasks such as taking you to the nursery shop. This would be a great time to bond with them, and on your way, you can discuss school, ask them what they may need and what might troubling them. You can also ask them to choose their favorite vegetables that they would want you to include in your home garden. If you are watering other plants in the yard, the kids can help you with that.

3. Cycling.

Riding a bike has various benefits to a family as it brings them together through bonding and helps them stay healthy as an exercise. Kids love proving to their parents how good they are than them in a fun way and therefore, you can create some contests with your kids while biking. Choose an area where there is less traffic, especially from vehicles and other people, set up rules at the right speed to move it, and the areas that the kids must ride their bikes at. Also, check the bikes thoroughly before you leave the house to ensure the brakes are functioning and the tires have enough pressure. If you are renting the bikes from the park area, have them checked by the dealer for the safety of your kids.

4. Swinging.

Have your kids been nagging you to buy them or make them a swing in the backyard? The weekend is the perfect time to do the job since you have enough time, plus your kids can help you in preparing the swing. Besides, the activity is pretty easy to do as long you have a good tree that can hold the swing rope correctly. If you are not able to customize your home swing, look for the safest outdoor baby swings on the local outlets or buy online. They are quite easy to fit as you will only need to find a good position and area to hang the swing.

5. Hiking.

When was the last time you went hiking with your friends, on holidays? You can tag your kids along for a simple hike around your area. If your city does not have hiking areas or it is not safe to go with kids, find simple places that you can walk with them and even tag your dogs when going. Woods would be a reliable option since the kids can have enough space to explore the woods together with their pet.

The weekend is the best time to catch up with your kids and maybe buy them what they need for their schools. So make sure to bond and have some fun before you go back to your regular duties by creating activities that you will all enjoy doing. You can also opt to eat out during the weekends or generate some weekend home party by holding barbecues in the garden area.


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