5 Fascinating Uses for Plexiglass


Acrylic sheeting has been around for decades and is a more durable and safer alternative to traditional glass.

While all acrylic sheeting has beneficial uses, Plexiglass is a cut above the rest. Plexiglass is manufactured using a more expensive and complex process, meaning it can replace glass in many settings.

Chemist and inventor Otto Rohm came up with the idea for Plexiglass in 1901, and it was introduced to the market in 1933.

Plexiglass continues to be used in new and exciting ways. To learn more, keep reading to discover five fascinating uses for Plexiglass:

  • Greenhouses

Plexiglass sheets are great for greenhouse buildings because they provide effective thermal insulation.

They reduce the energy required in greenhouses compared to conventional options. Diffused light fills Plexiglass greenhouses and provides added warmth for the plants inside – without rotating them.

Well-made, good-quality Plexiglass sheets will not yellow in the sun quickly. With proper maintenance, your sheets should last at least ten years in the sun before changing color.

  • Aquariums

If you are a fish enthusiast and are in the market for a new aquarium, you should strongly consider getting a Plexiglass one.

Acrylic sheets are becoming more popular with fish tank lovers in America, and for good reason. These sheets are durable and lightweight, and they offer a range of benefits for beginners and expert fish-keepers.

Acrylic aquariums are notably lighter, making them easier to install or transport.

  • Food Displays

These cabinets are available for under $250 and will provide a clear view of the contents inside – allowing your customers to confidently choose their favorite items.

If you are looking to showcase your food items, such as baked goods professionally and appealingly, choose this essential piece of bakery equipment.

Once installed, use this helpful Guide to cleaning Plexiglass – to keep your display cabinets looking as appealing as the day they were installed.

  • Furniture

If you are searching for a way to spruce up your interiors without spending a fortune, look no further than acrylic furniture.

This furniture is easy to clean and maintain and is relatively inexpensive. It is highly versatile, meaning it can be used in a wide range of settings, including the home, the workplace, and restaurants.

Acrylic furniture comes in multiple styles and can be customized to suit your needs.

  • Skylights

Skylights are light-permitting windows, typically made of glass, that form part of the roofing space of a building or house.

Skylights can open for added ventilation or stay closed and provide additional lighting to an area. Instead of making them with glass, Plexiglass is a safer and more durable alternative.

Plexiglass skylights bring natural light into a room while maintaining insulation.

To End

Plexiglass is used for a myriad of applications and is available under several trademarked names like Plexiglas and Perspex.

As impressive as the Plexiglass industry is, it continues to grow dramatically, and its uses will keep increasing. Get your hands on some today and find out for yourself!

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