5 Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents


What is the real dilemma after divorce? What is bitter than a divorce? Co-parenting is an aftermath, the visit to court every now and then to wrangle up the custody issues and comforting your child going through these frustrating attorneys. 

Co-parenting, though seems hard, ensures that the life of your children is going all well after you and your spouse are divorced or separated. It makes sure they are getting what they need from both the parents, while also managing their well-being emotionally. 

Despite of the fact that the co-parenting is a difficult task, you can make it successful with the following tips and strategies.

Tip #1: Don’t Fight It, Plan It:

Fighting will lead you nowhere. So instead of fighting over the custody and the financial matters of your children, discuss your case with a medical attorney. They can help you in drafting a customized plan benefiting both the children and you. 

The attorney will let you know the legal consequences, communication protocol and general decisions, reducing the possible tension among partners. 

Tip #2: Collaborate Like It’s Business:

The damage is done now, and hence ineffective communication will lead you to nowhere. It will only lead to further disputes. So it’s better to consider your spouse a co-worker now and handle your dealings like a business. 

  • Communicate as you are in a new relationship of colleagues.
  • Make it respectful, don’t accuse and catch up in an honoured manner in front of children. 
  • Don’t call, solve the issues on emails as professionals.
  • Compromise and take clear steps. 

Tip #3: Litigate Joint Custody:

Under this law, if one parent spends time with their children more than 50% they are known to be a custodial parent, whereas the other parent has to support financially and is a non-custodial parent. To ensure that both, you and your partner’s rights are protected, hire a family lawyer and make Joint Custody a done deal!

The concerns tailored in Joint Custody are:

  • The time each parent will spend with children.
  • Scheduling the holiday and vacation plans.
  • Taking decisions major or minor.
  • Making it together in Parent-teacher conferences.
  • Taking health decisions.
  • Making connections with the ex-in-laws.


Tip #4: Prevent Battles; Consider Your Child’s Emotions

Acrimony costs way too much, financially, and so emotionally. The ugly dispute affect children and lower their self-esteem, making them suffer with depression and anxiety. Court outcomes, emotional breakdowns and school college taunts are already enough for them. Don’t add a layer to make it more complex with them.

After divorce, ensure that you:  

  • Don’t fight for things not worth it. 
  • Accept the orders from court in a rational manner.
  • Let your child speak up about their feelings with the divorce.
  • Don’t be harsh when picking them up from the other parent. 

Tip#5 Do Not Take Out Your Anger on Your Children

It is understandable that you may be feeling like taking out all of your frustration on your children, when they are the first thing in front of you. However, you need to keep in mind that your rants can cause long-term damage to the mental health of your children resulting in permanent damage as well.

As such, it is best to find ways to cope with your anger in a healthy manner which does not prove negative for the children.

All In All…

Children grow and with time they change, this leads to change in the custody arrangements too. Be supportive about their changing needs.

If you or someone you know requires a Family Lawyer, you can contact Alliance Law Group PS for further assistance.

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Practice empathy. Co-parenting your kids with your ex is no easy feat. …
Be open and flexible with schedules. …
Pick your battles. …
Communicate directly with dad. …
Remember he is your ex but also your co-parent. …
Make exchanges short and sweet. …
Respect their time with dad. …
Share photos, grades, accomplishments.


Practice empathy. Co-parenting your kids with your ex is no easy feat. …
Be open and flexible with schedules. …
Pick your battles. …
Communicate directly with dad. …
Remember he is your ex but also your co-parent. …
Make exchanges short and sweet. …
Respect their time with dad. …
Share photos, grades, accomplishments.