5 Best Bike Brands For Kids


Kids love bikes, and it is a great way to keep them active and moving. Every parent should consider purchasing a bike for their kids to help them have fun and stay fit. Not all bikes are created equal, but some bikes are better than others. Here are some recommendations for kids’ bikes:

1. Mongoose for Kids

Mongoose makes a whole line of bikes for kids. These bikes are light-weight and durable. Parents who are concerned about safety do not have to worry. Mongoose incorporates numerous safeguards that make the bike easy to navigate. Whether kids need a mountain bike with good suspension or a cruiser for urban biking, Mongoose has an option available.

2. Trek Recreation for Kids

Trek is a great choice for a kid’s first bike. Trek offers kids’ bikes in stages to build kids’ confidence about bike riding. The bikes are high quality and match each kid’s ability. The frame, fork, handlebars, peddles, and saddles are designed for each stage of the child’s growth. Trek offers some of the best valued bikes around for kids.

3. Schwinn for Kids

Schwinn produces bikes for girls and boys. The Jasmine for girls and Scorch for boys are recommended. The bikes both have excellent stopping power and responsive hand brakes. The coaster brakes are also available as a back-up in case they forget to use the hand brakes. The training wheels are removable, and the seat is padded.

4. Jamis

Jamis is another brand that offers durable bikes for kids. Even though the bikes are durable, Jamis offers an incredible warranty. The Starlight is available for the girls, and the Laser is there for the boys. The best part about Jamis is that it has a lightweight aluminum frame. Kids can see traffic easily because the bike is upright, and the bike is safe because it has both hand and coaster brakes. In general, these bikes are only sold through independent dealers.

5. Cannondale Bikes for Kids

Cannondale also makes some great kids’ bikes for trails and streets. This quality bike is durable and is recommended by parents and kids. These bikes are sleek and are featured in all black for boys and girls. Most parents are pleased with the Cannondale brand and feels that the company offers a quality bike for the money.

Best Bike Brands for Kids

Kids will be pleased with any of these five brands. Not only are the bikes safe and durable, but they are aesthetically pleasing also. Most kids flock to the bikes and find one they love, and parents are happy because they have peace of mind that the brakes will not fail or experience some other malfunction. Kids can experience the beautiful sights of Australia alongside their parents with minimal discomfort complaints. This makes weekend excursions fun for the entire family.

Mark,from Melbourne, Australia, is a cycling enthusiast and father of two children. He loves to go riding with his children and recommends having a look at 99 Bikes for a great range of bicycles to suit everyone.


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London cycle hire
10 years ago

The advice is really sufficient to getting benefit for kids leaning bike !! I like every step but last is one of the best from my side if kids will get brand bike definitely he will reply best !! Thanks for sharing great information.