5 Benefits of ServiceNow IT Operation Management


With the absolute digitization of the modern world, it is necessary to take steps in order to enhance the experience and build a lucrative administration process. Stability in the network provides simplified management of the services. The ITOM or IT operation management by ServiceNow is essentially the method used by IT in order to ensure the aforementioned stability in services. The functions of a ServiceNow ITOM include server, device, and network management,  along with an efficient help desk. These functions, therefore, help set up procedures depending on the problems related to IT services and provide solutions while providing a coherent network via the help of AI and ML.

What Is ServiceNow IT Operation Management?

IT operations management (ITOM) is the necessary service needed to avail efficiency and performance in IT operations management. Because of ITOM, companies reduce infrastructure expenditure and remove any human errors. It increases the reliability and stability of a company’s IT services. The ITOM also actively participates in foreseeing suture problems and fixing them before their occurrence in order to enhance user experience and remove bugs. 

Remote working has increased the need for digitization. Therefore, with the help of ServiceNow IT operations management, AI, and ML, the visibility of IT infrastructure optimizes operations. 

ServiceNow IT Operation Management Functions

ITOM helps businesses in setting up everyday services and devices that are essential for work functions while also providing help desk services to offer solutions and resolve errors for employees.

Help Desk

The customer help services offered by ITOM come in extremely handy. The operation manager communicates information and manages the database. They also have procedures such as disaster recovery, backups, and solutions for almost all foreseeable situations.

Network Management

The network management under ITOM encompasses services such as setting up remote access networks for employees and managing security. 

Server Management

This includes managing and setting up servers and maintaining operations such as upgrades, patches, etc.

Device Management

Device management includes setting up devices for employees. These devices include laptops, mobiles, etc., which is the responsibility of the IT department of a company.

Five Benefits of ServiceNow IT Operation Management

Solve Issues

The main role of ITOM includes gathering data from various sectors of the IT department. The data includes the infrastructure of IT, metrics, logs, etc. With the help of AI and ML, the ITOM helps to reduce and solve unnecessary nose and system failures. Therefore, predicting issues is one the main forte when it comes to the Service Now ITOM.  


The ITOM helps automate IT services. It not only helps the organization with the maintenance of the IT services but also helps in the installation of the devices. The ITOM helps companies reduce costs and maintain a coherent system under IT. The ServiceNow ITOM also helps identify any system flaws and take necessary actions to improve them whilst delivering reports on the performance of IT. Automation via ITOM helps simplifies the complexities of IT and solve organizational inefficiencies.

Data Connection

The CCMDA or the Configuration Management Database to make a stable database. ITOM maintains a digital life cycle for the said database. Therefore, companies look for ServiceNow services as their IT management systems.

Decrement In User Impact and Manual Labor

As mentioned before, ITOM helps predict issues and, in turn, solve them. This, therefore, minimalizes the problems faced by the users as the potential problem is analyzed and changed before the users face any actual problems. Moreover, the ITOM also helps reduce any sort of manual labor. Management such as Problem, change, or asset management helps in the reduction of tedious tasks conducted by the employees. 


Lastly, an ITOM provides better efficiency to its users. With the help of  ITOM, companies can streamline their IT services and save time and money while also being extremely efficient. The service performance of IT operations becomes resourceful and quality-oriented and saves labor via ITOM. 


Finally, businesses need ITOM in order to streamline their operations and enhance user experience. The cloud implementation and automation of a company’s IT department help plenty in terms of cost and labor efficiency. The growing need for hybrid and remote work desperately expects companies to operate efficiently in an online platform and maintain the everyday functioning of the company in a coherent and smooth manner.

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