5 Baby Essentials For Your Zion National Park Trip


As we approach the end of the summer months, everyone is making plans for one last adventure over Labor Day Weekend. If you haven’t made plans yet and are looking to do something with the whole family, especially your tiny one, how about visiting a National Park together? More specifically — Zion National Park.


There are plenty of options when it comes to Zion National Park lodging. The national park and the surrounding areas have a variety of things to do for baby, kids, and family. From horseback riding and ATV tours to guided hikes, ziplining, and spending the day at the pool, this national park in southern Utah has a lot of outdoor activities for the family to enjoy and soak up the last of the summer sun. You want to make sure that you’re staying in a comfortable location so that everyone in your group can recover after a day of fun.


If you want to take the kids and baby on a hike they will enjoy, The Narrows won’t disappoint. It’s the most popular hike in Zion National Park because the trail is on the Virgin River and it’s a hike for anyone (depending on how far you go!).. Because the canyon is so narrow (hence the name), you’ll have to trek through the river that covers the bottom in some spots. Depending on the season, the water can get as deep as waist-deep but is swimmable if you’d rather swim than walk through it. The cool water feels especially nice on hot days.

If you’re hiking with baby, make sure to bring a baby holder so that it’s easier for you to carry baby throughout your hiking adventures.  Swimming

Because the majority of activities you’ll be doing in Zion are outdoors, you’ll want to keep baby hydrated. In general, babies are cleared by their pediatrician to have water after about 6 months old. However, they might not know how to drink out of a sippy cup yet. Investing in a stainless steel baby bottle will be essential for this kind of trip.

For a day at the pool, make sure you pack infant floaties that way you can enjoy a dip with your little one. Introducing babies to pools at this age will make future swim experiences less intense so let baby have all the water fun they want. And while you’re having all of this fun in the sun, don’t forget the tear-free sunblock for him or her in case the water tends to run some of the SPF near their eyes to avoid stinging.


For the most relaxing way to put baby down at the end of every night, try star gazing with a cup of hot chocolate for you and a warm bottle for baby. Zion sits at 6,500 feet in elevation where you can see the Utah Milky Way. Try cozying up together with a blanket for you and for baby to make every night the most relaxing way to end each day.

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of trash (especially if you decide to camp) consider investing in cloth diapers. At the end of your day, you can rinse and launder your baby’s diapers and hang them to dry to prepare for the next day. This can help you reduce your footprint while visiting one of the best US national parks.

Before you head off for your trip, write down an itinerary that will help keep baby on schedule as far as feedings and nap times. Because some babies might get fussy if they fall off schedule, planning ahead of time and scheduling activities around your baby will make things a little easier and the trip more enjoyable.

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