4 Weight Loss Tips for Working Moms That Keep You Healthy


Having a baby is fantastic, but being a busy working mom leaves you very little time to take care of yourself. This means you’ll have to get extra creative if you want to reshape your body. You’ll also need to get very good at planning as time management is essential for incorporating exercise and healthy cooking into your schedule. These simple weight loss tips for working moms will help you stay on track and get your dream body.

4 Super-Effective Weight Loss Tips for Working Moms

  • Take control of your stress

Stress and weight gain are deeply connected, so say many studies. Therefore, reducing your stress levels is one of the major requirements for a successful weight loss program. This will be extremely difficult for a working mom as your life is full of unavoidable stressors by default. So, instead of eliminating them, you need to focus on introducing more stress relief.

Set up a special ritual of taking a long hot bath once a week. Dedicate this time fully to yourself and be sure to pamper your senses with aromatic oils and bath salts. You should also try mindfulness meditation. Basic techniques will take you about 10-15 minutes a day, but their effect will be fantastic.

Remember, exercising also helps reduce stress. In fact, any physical activity does because working your muscles causes a release of endorphins. So, making your regular family visits to the park more active for you will be good for weight loss on many levels.

  • Get real!

Be realistic when searching for products under the headers like how to lose weight fast in a month. Best of all, start with admitting that you can’t get a ‘bikini body’ within two months of diet.

Studies indicate that a human can realistically lose about 1-2 pounds a week. However, that will only happen if you manage to achieve a calorie deficit of 500-1000 and don’t have any other factors at play. However, as every person’s biochemistry is a little bit unique, there will be some biological as well as external factors that will affect your weight loss rate.

You should also note that setting unrealistic goals increases your stress levels, which reduces the efficiency of your efforts further. So, the best solution is to set the goal of a pound a week, or even less if you are completely realistic. And instead of checking the weights every day, focus on maintaining your diet and exercise routine.

  • Get extra help from supplements and vitamins

It’s a fact that some foods help you lose weight faster, for example, chili peppers, fresh fruits and veggies, and whole grains. However, weight loss tips for working moms usually don’t count the fact that your cooking times are very limited. So, preparing healthy meals every day might not be possible, and many products lose their nutritional value very fast. Online review on Phenocal.

Taking multivitamins can help you get proper nourishment even if your meals are rather basic. The important factor here is to not pack your diet with unhealthy empty calories. Taking weight loss supplements that complement your specific program will also help enhance the efficiency of your diet.

  • Turn everything into exercise

Changing your diet is a simple matter of choosing the right kind of groceries and recipes. However, incorporating exercise into a busy mom’s schedule is a true challenge. Some ways to do it include:

  • Add some cardio to your chores (here’s how)
  • Take the stairs every time
  • Walk during your lunch break (in fact, walk at any occasion when you have the time)
  • Play active games with your kid (this would boost the health of you both)
  • Turn exercising into a family activity (working out with partners boosts the efficiency of exercise)

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