4 Thrifty Tips to Save Money On Baby Clothes


The two things that are sure about all babies is that they are adorable and expensive. Parents can easily spend over $12,000 in the very first year of their child’s life. Wrapped up in the excitement of having a new baby in the house and buying expensive toys and wardrobe items can cost parents a fortune if they don’t know how to be more thrifty. 

The truth is that newborn babies don’t need much to live happily and be well cared for. Diapers, warm snuggly clothes, and the adoration of their family members are all babies need. For families on a tight budget, knowing how to save money on essential items like clothing can be a life saver.

Parents can find baby clothes that fit your child on a budget may be easier than you think. Since children grow out of their clothing so quickly, they are often still in perfect shape and can be reused or purchased second hand at bargain prices. Let’s look at a few thrifty tips to help you save money on baby clothes.

Don’t Buy Too Early

The excitement of finding out that you are expecting may send you out on a shopping spree, but waiting a bit can help you save some money. Although there is nothing wrong with buying a few items early on, it’s a good idea to put your shopping on hold until after your baby shower and family holidays. You will be surprised at how many snugglies and baby items you will get during your shower. To save some money, take an inventory following your shower and spend your cash on things that have been left out.

Buy Big

Babies grow out of their clothes so quickly that they often only get to wear items once or twice before they are too small. To extend the life of your child’s clothes, try buying items in at least one size too big. It’s okay for rompers and snugglies to fit loosely at first and allow your baby to grow into them. You can get almost double the time out of oversized items and save some money every few months.

Buy Used

Most baby clothes are so lightly worn that they may have only been used once or twice before they are outgrown. This provides an excellent opportunity for parents to take advantage of used items at largely discounted prices. There are several outlets for buying slightly used baby clothes that are in perfect condition.

Consignment Shops

  • You can sell your outgrown clothing items and pick up a few new things with your profits when you shop for baby items at a consignment store. You can visit an in-person store or shop online at consignment sites like ThredUp or Poshmark.

Thrift Shops

  • There are great baby clothes found at your local thrift shop for families on a budget that doesn’t mind taking a few minutes to sort through some racks. Pay a fraction of the price for quality baby clothes that have been lightly used.

Clothes Swap

  • If you have family members or friends with children around the same age as yours, you can organize a clothing swap.

Shop the Sales

One of the easiest ways to save on baby clothes is to be patient and wait for the seasonal retail sales. Check out online baby stores and sign up to be notified when they have special offers available.

Raising a child can be expensive, but there’s no reason to break the bank putting clothes on their backs. Babies don’t need as many outfits as you may think. Follow some of these thrifty tips to save money on baby clothes today.

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