4 Annual Chores You May Be Forgetting


With parenting duties and other life responsibilities to manage, chores often sit on the back burner for a lot of families. However, performing chores is an investment in your household and health. You’ll keep your living space clean and germ-free, and you prolong the life of your home and furniture. Plus, you can enjoy a life with less clutter and stress.

The following 4 chores often go overlooked by busy parents. If you haven’t been completing them as part of your annual cleaning routine, read on to learn why you should be.

1) Clean Your Oven

It’s standard to clean your oven about once a year. You may need to clean it more if you’re an avid cook or baker. Look out for the signs that your oven needs to be cleaned:

  • Excessive smoke fuming out every time you open the oven door
  • Visible residue or discoloration on the interior
  • A build-up of grime on the window

If you wait too long to clean your oven, the food cooked in it may have a charcoal taste to it, which can be unappetizing and hazardous to your health. Plus, a grimy oven can experience mechanical issues, clogged filters, and an overall decrease in performance.

A lot of people avoid cleaning their oven because of the potentially harmful chemicals involved. As long as you set aside adequate time to complete the task and utilize the right oven cleaning products, it’s completely safe.

2) Tidy Your Garage, Attic, and Basement

Your garage, attic, and basement might be some of the most neglected areas of your home. Even though no one cares if these areas are a little messy, it’s still a good idea to clean them out once a year. When you take on this task, be sure to:

  • Sweep away spiderwebs, dust, and dirt
  • Check for insect infestations or moisture problems
  • Check for structural issues
  • Assess all the items that have accumulated in these areas

This is a great way to get organized. Be unforgiving when getting rid of broken items and old toys, clothes, and antiques. Donate or toss the items you decide you don’t need.

3) Organize Paper Clutter

Even in a society where everything seems to be done online, chances are you have a collection of papers sitting around. Sort through any of the following papers you may have:

  • Bills
  • Bank statements
  • Photos
  • Receipts
  • Coupons
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers

Organize what you want to keep in a binder or filing cabinet. Be liberal when deciding what to throw away. Shred any documents containing sensitive information to ensure your privacy.

Getting rid of unnecessary paper clutter will give you peace of mind and tidy up your living space and home office. Ideally, you should knock this chore out at the beginning of a new year. This way, you will be adequately prepared with any financial documents you’ll need right before tax season.

4) Clean Your Pantry and Fridge

These food storage spaces should be cleaned at least once a year. The cleaning process will keep bugs away and minimize the waste you produce.

For the pantry:

Divide the pantry into sections and tackle each one at a different time. Empty each section completely and wipe down the shelves with a disinfectant. Replace the shelf liners if needed. If any crumbs have accumulated on the floor, sweep them up. Take inventory of your pantry’s items. Discard expired canned goods and donate any ones that you know will go unused.

For the fridge:

Similarly, take out everything and wipe down the shelves. Replace any condiments that have gone bad. Try to replace refrigerator filters every 6 months, but they should be okay for up to a year.

Get Cleaning!

Don’t stress yourself out if you’ve never even given thought to any of these tasks. It’s never too late to start, so grab your cleaning supplies and a partner and get started today!

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Great and helpful tips! Every housewife should remember this! Unfortunately, in the abundance of daily troubles, we forget about such trifles as cleaning up things or taking apart papers. Thanks for the good stuff! You have a great sense of writing! Thank!

Amar Kumar

Hello Ladonna,

Glad to read your interesting post, you have listed some simple things but doing this really gives you a healthy life. Generally, I clean my oven five times in a year this gives a proper satisfaction. Most of people neglect to clean their store rooms as well as garage but it also needs proper cleaning. Thanks for sharing.

~ Amar

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Miranda Kariba

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The most important one from the list is cleaning the oven! Oven the one which is on risk due to the insects like the leftover food and shady places.


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