3 Tips for Hiring a Divorce Lawyer


The average cost of divorce is around $12,900. 

No one ever enters a marriage expecting to end it. Whether a divorce is caused by fading love or a loss of trust, the process is shocking to nearly everyone involved. 

The price of a divorce adds to the overall shock. Who knew it could cost so much? (And much of the cost goes towards paying a lawyer.)

Guarantee you’re spending your money wisely by selecting a respectful, knowledgeable divorce lawyer. Keep reading this guide for three tips on hiring a lawyer.

1. Look for Experience

The best divorce lawyer for you isn’t some Joe Schmoe with no clue what they’re doing. It’s important to hire a lawyer with experience, especially experience with handling divorce cases. 

Dig deeper into their experience by asking how long they’ve been in practice during a consultation. You may also ask how often they work on divorce cases. 

Gain an outsider’s perspective by investigating their website and reading their client reviews. Checking out a lawyer’s website is always important. 

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2. Feel Out Their Personality

When learning how to file for divorce, it may seem a bit odd to select a lawyer based on their personality. However, finding a lawyer with a good personality is important during this vulnerable time in your life. 

You want a lawyer who is firm but caring. Avoid anyone who’s crude or only in it for the money. (You’ll also want to steer clear of someone who appears to take sides during divorce cases.)

It’s also a good idea to feel out the personality of the office staff. Are they welcoming and patient when you call? Or do they seem to brush you off? 

If an office staff member is dismissive of your needs, you’ll need to be firm and assertive. Always stand up for yourself!

3. Ask Any and All Questions

Don’t just search “best divorce lawyer near me” on Google and pick the first option. Schedule consultations with your top options to chat one-on-one. 

During your consultation, ask any and all questions. Ask about their experience, pricing, and personal approach to cases. You can even ask how they deal with conflict or difficult couples.

Even during the divorce process, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You deserve to have answers, especially if you’re paying a high cost for a lawyer.

Spend Well: Hiring a Divorce Lawyer 

People often forget how costly a divorce truly is. This is why you should prepare to spend wisely by hiring the best divorce lawyer. Use the above tips for guidance!

Avoid picking the top option on your Google search. Divorce is a stressful, emotional time, but cutting corners in selecting a lawyer will only hurt you in the end. 

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1 year ago

Thanks for the advice. You are right, such cases are constantly stressful and a lot of paperwork and problems. Especially if you have not come to clear agreements. I found great Persian divorce attorneys on this site and it worked great for me

1 year ago

Thanks for your advice. In fact, the work of a divorce lawyer can be simply invaluable in such difficult days or disputes between spouses. This is an important step if you have problems in the distribution of custody or property.