3 Foolproof Ways For Repairing a Damaged Labia


Female genitalia rejuvenation (known as vaginoplasty) is the process of improving the aesthetics and restoring the primary functions of the female labia (labia majora and labia minora). One method is cosmetic urology, which additionally specializes in restoring the health to bladders, kidneys and male genitalia as well. However, irritating (and sometimes physically painful) problems dryness and labial overgrowth need quick treatment solutions. If you have a few minutes, I’d like to share several foolproof ways to treat a few common genitalia-related aesthetic/health problems.

1. Replenishing 

Vulva that lacks natural lubrication results in dryness. Natural lubrication occurs when a woman’s estrogen (the hormone that maintains your genitalia’s health) are at healthy levels. Low estrogen levels affect lubrication abilities and overall elasticity. A deficiency of estrogen may stem from childbirth, menopause, cigarette smoking or breastfeeding.

By far, the healthiest (and financially cheapest) way to stop your vulva from becoming annoyingly dry is to stay hydrated. Not only does our body literally require water to survive, water helps flush toxins out from our bodies. One of water’s primary benefits is that it cleanses our systems from alcohol, caffeine and other carbonated beverages – all which help dry up our cells, including the vulva.

According to The Mayo Clinic, products that cause or amplify vaginal dryness include vinegar, yogurt, and store-bought douches. Products that must be kept away from your genitals include hand lotions, soaps and to stay away from taking bubble baths (which is a tragedy because I personally love a nice soak in the tub).

2. Cosmetic Surgery

Aside from natural remedies, you might want to consider a rejuvenation procedure, such as ThermiVA. While there are surgical procedures with a lot of success rates, there are non-surgical options as well. These non-surgical procedures use radiofrequency technology to increase your collagen productions naturally. Typically, this results in improved lubrication, stronger orgasms, and improved sensitivity “down there”. Whether you choose surgical or non-surgical, you can expect a more youthful appearance around your genitals, as sagging skin (which is typically the interior and exterior), is tightened, further increasing sensitivity and stronger contractions during intimacy.

3. Improving Blood Circulation

When plaque and fat build up on the insides of our blood vessels and capillaries, blood flow has a harder time moving in our body. High blood pressure, heart-related problems, damaged organs, and the like are a result of reduced blood flow. Typically, this problem occurs in people living sedentary lifestyles (i.e “couch potatoes”), and an over-indulgence in fatty/sugary foods.

In certain cases, however, pregnant mothers’ blood flow levels get increasingly constrained as their baby grows inside them. Everybody knows that the baby consumes everything the mother does and depends on those nutrients to survive and grow. This leaves little-to-no nutrients for the mother.

Getting your blood flowing at healthy levels requires no more than breaking a sweat. Exercise is the number one way to increase your blood flow. This means having the courage to walk for more than 30 minutes a day. You don’t need to briskly walk or jog, either, as the main goal here is movement. Any movement at all is a step towards improving your blood flow levels.


Whether you’ve lost confidence in your appearance or are getting disappointed with the aesthetics of your genitalia, the time for worrying is over. Whether you go the home remedy route or contact a cosmetic urologist, both are an easy way to restore youth and sensation to your labia and improve its function.

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