2019 Spring Summer Special Picks!


With the sweet aroma in the air that can be felt after rains and flowers everywhere; we bring to you a special selection of spring worthy jewellery, flaunt these babies to make it to the top trendsetter list of 2019. Rose gold dominated designs to complement the season along with cute designer earring collection, statement rings and much more from papilor.com

Summer is still shining brightly on us and many people prefer to keep their jewellery fashion to a minimum which is a good thing as it always helps keep your jewellery clean and away from dust, sweat and dirt particles; with spring calling soon here are some new additions to the ever so beautiful collections at Papilior which you can buy before the lovely season hits. Spring summer attires are always colourfl, bright and casual the new pieces at Papilior have been designed keeping in mind the needs of all.

Bodacious bangles –

We have said it before and we say it again  rarely ever go out of style, with the season of sunshine, blossoming flowers and bold printed attires Papilior has designed bodacious bangles that will fit any occasion. The new additions of bangles are also available in yellow gold for the more classic look lovers while the rose hue really gives it a sophisticated feel.

The delicate touch, feel and look of the contessa bangle would make the perfect gift for a loved one, this minimalistic piece of jewellery will have you in awe of how perfectly it fits as an accessory with everything.

The Rose Parade Gold Bangle and flower garden gold bangle are made for your spring parties and wedding affairs just as much as it would look good at work. We love the dynamic look of the studded diamonds and the grace of the Rose flower shape. The most gold bangles will go for sunny days

Graceful Necklaces

The back to basics ensembles that have been seen on the runway in the first quarter of 2019 proves that single colors and fusion with accessories is timeless. Necklaces are extremely personal jewellery and usually women prefer to stick to their favorite ones only, the novel designs for this spring on Papilior brings simplicity and avant-garde to a new level with two-line necklaces and elegant designs.

The classic combination of the cross design made in diamond studded and a pure rose gold hue would be a beautiful addition to your everyday attire, the Cross Two Line Necklace is one of the favorites at Papilior. The words spring-summer brings fond memories of playing under the open skies with the sounds of the birds chirping relieve your fondest memories and give in to the temptation of the exquisite gold birds with diamond studded Uccello Diamond necklace.

Trendsetting Nose Pins

This era is all about trends and Papilior.com is one of the trendsetters, Bohochic and elegance surprisingly go hand and hand, more women each day are turning to the classic nose ring/nose pin jewellery and adding another beautiful accessory to their jewellery box.

Nose pins are a great way to include minimal jewellery to your ensemble and at the same time enjoy minimalistic accessorizing with diamonds. Beautiful nose pins can alter a person’s entire look by adding a pinch of glamour alongside a very traditional yet trendy look. The New additions at Papilior are perfect picks from the spring-summer look books, as well as it will match your gold earrings. Sounds new. great, pick the simple look with a 0.07ct Diamond South Screw Nosepin or the trendy 7 Stone South Nose Pin.

Radiant Finger Rings

The 2019 Runways so far have all been about the bold choices, mesmerizing novel designs and out of the box thinking, for now minimal is out and bold is in. statement rings have made quite a few appearances on the fashion forwards too and Papilior is not far behind, with creative and intriguing designs we help you flaunt your love for accessories this spring in the right way.

The beauty of a Diamond ring is that is a complete accessory in itself and rarely ever needs another piece to complement it, Diamond rings are exquisite pieces that have a personality of being statement jewellery, it can help define any look as well as bring any ensemble together with grace. Spring time calls for unique, colourful and peppy moves which are exactly what you get with the Love Diamond ring and the Ever so mesmerizing Trinity Stack Ring.


Finding the perfect look can be challenging at times but jewellery always comes to the rescue with its shiny and swanky look, get your dose for what to flaunt this Spring-Summer 2019 right here alongside the best picks to choose from Papilior.com. All jewellery pieces listed here are affordable and of the highest quality, every piece comes with an IGI certificate for diamonds and BIS hallmark for gold; What’s more? Every piece is carefully designed in-house at Papilior giving you the luxury to flaunt the most trendsetting fine jewellery pieces among your near and dear ones. For the weddings newly added modern gold manglsutra inspired by nature and divine theme will be to cool for hot summer. 

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