10 Seasonal Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Children


The holidays look different all around the world, but, regardless of the country, culture, or holiday being held, the season is a time of celebration, good food, family, friends, and community. Children in particular adore this time of year—there’s no denying how excited they look when they’re trying to guess what presents they’re getting. 

However, as a parent, you know precisely how horrendous it is to shop for gifts during holiday season. So, it’s best to do the shopping well in advance. But the problem is the same every year—what would be a good gift? No matter how well you know your children, this dilemma can stump any parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent. The truth is, gift cards are great for adults, but children won’t be excited by those. So, it’s better to have some sure-fire gift ideas just in case. You’re in luck because we’ve got a few good ones. 

  1. A Letter from Santa Claus

Every year, kids write to Santa Claus in hopes that they can get a visit and the gift of their dreams. As parents, we love that wide-eyed wonder when they show us the cards and letters they want to send to the North Pole. 

Imagine if they could get a reply from Santa directly mailed to them? That’s sure to be the highlight of their holiday! The best part is that it’s possible through services like lettersfromsanta.org.uk that provide personalized responses from jolly old Saint Nick himself for your children.

  1. Hatchimals Pixies Flyers

When it comes to most little girls, you can’t go wrong with a fairy princess. Many dolls come in pretty costumes, but not all of them can fly. Hatchimals Pixies Flyers are adorable dolls that can fly, and you can even guide the direction and how high they fly with no remote controls needed—all you need to use are your hands to direct it. 

  1. Nintendo Switch Lite

Kids today love technology and video games. A Nintendo Switch Lite is a portable console that tons of kids play with these days. Children of all ages and even adults have a blast playing popular games like Animal Crossing, Pokémon, and Super Mario. This bestseller has a wide and fun array of various video games that can fit any interest.

  1. Baby Yoda

Star Wars is a massive franchise, and their fanbase is even bigger. With the popularity of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, this adorable green alien is selling out fast. Grogu, or more popularly known as Baby Yoda, comes in plushies and even electronic toys. If your child wants a cuddly Grogu, a plushy would be a fantastic choice. But for kids that love interactive toys, an electronic interactive version is also available. 

  1. A Bike

Getting a bike is a classic choice because it’s fun, functional, and active. Learning to ride a bike is like a rite of passage, and at some point, children have to learn. So, getting them a bike for the holidays is the perfect time for you to start the process. Eventually, they’ll be taking the training wheels off and zooming about the neighborhood with their friends. 

  1. Fanbase Merchandise

When it comes to fanbases, Star Wars isn’t the only contender. Some children are absolutely in love with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Disney classics, and many popular series and franchises. Getting something straight from their favorite movies, shows, or characters is a sure way to get a gift that they’ll love. 

  1. PlayStation 5

When it comes to video games, a Nintendo Switch is great, but for older kids who are huge video game fans, a PlayStation 5 will blow their minds. The PS5 is VR-integrated, has smoother frame rates, and it’s even backward compatible, meaning you can play PS4 games on it. 

  1. The Not Parent Approved Game

Family game night is always fun, so why not pick a card game that your children will love? Not Parent Approved is like Cards Against Humanity but for kids. You know exactly how fun it is to play this game, so there’s no doubt that game night with the family will be full of laughter. 

  1. Kindle for Kids

Reading is so valuable for kids. Whether your kids already love reading, or if you want them to read more, getting them a Kindle will be a brilliant idea. You can load it up with classics, poetry, and fun stories to read on their own or read with you before bedtime. 

  1. Kitchen Tools for Kids

As children grow, their interests and talents are molded by their experiences. So why not help them with finding an activity or hobby that they can improve on? Cooking is a fun way to teach them practical skills, as well as get to spend some bonding time together. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about your children struggling with tools too large for their hands or with more dangerous equipment like knives—there is kitchenware available that is made for kids specifically to use, meaning they can easily and safely practice their culinary skills with you. So, it makes perfect sense to get this for your child if they’re already interested in cooking.


They always say that it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving—but how much thought do you really put into your gifts? During the holidays, getting the right gift shouldn’t be mindless or rushed. You have all year to plan it out and gift wrap it as best you can. When you see how your loved ones’ eyes glow when they open their presents, it will be worth it!

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