What is company culture like?


Company culture is a top priority for many people’s work life.  A question often asked in interviews is, “What’s the company culture like?” As soon as a potential employee walks into the workplace they begin taking in the overall atmosphere, the people and look to see how they might fit in.

Employee turnover costs companies  $11 million annually. Decrease money spent on hiring and firing employees with programs geared toward wellness, training or flexible schedules. Happy employees stick around for the long haul.

Understand how your current employees feel about the work climate and what they want. Learn from the top five thought leaders in company culture including Google in the infographic below. What makes their company cultures special? What can you do to make your company culture better? Why should you care about company culture anyway?

Incorporate Massage, who created the infographic, provides companies with in office massage programs to help employees relax and take a break from the stresses of work and life. Check out their infographic below to learn all about company cultures.

Please include attribution to http://www.incorporatemassage.com/ with this graphic.

The Culture of Company Culture


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