The Liquid Gold Diggers Are Coming-Lock Up Your Velveeta Cheese!




Breaking News:

Liquid Gold Diggers invade homes in Hicksville, Ohio

On April 23, 2013 A Liquid Gold Digger entered the home in the Hicksville area, looking for Velveeta Cheese products according to the Liquid Gold Diggers Crime Unit.

According to LaDonna Dennis of Hicksville, a Liquid Gold Digger armed with a pitch fork invaded the Dennis home while Mrs. Dennis was preparing her creamy Velveeta Cheese Eggs. Mrs. Dennis begged and pleaded with the Liquid Gold Digger asking him not to take her Velveeta Cheese, but her words feel upon deaf ears.

velvette cheese toppers and eggs

Authorities of the Liquid Gold Diggers Crime Unit later arrested the Liquid Gold Digger who was found covered in Liquid Gold just outside the city limits. When questioned, the Liquid Gold Diggers only words were, “I’ve stuck it rich”.

The Liquid Gold Diggers Crime Unite is asking local residents to lock their Velveeta Cheese products in their safest places until future notice.

While Mrs. Dennis reports her Velveeta Cheese products were not returned to her, she is happy that the Liquid Gold Digger was caught. To show her gratitude she fixed Velveeta Cheese eggs for her local Liquid Gold Diggers Crime Unit. She has also been generous enough to share her famous recipe with everyone!

Velveeta 2


6 eggs

4 oz of Velveeta Cheese or 1 packages of Velveeta Cheese toppers


Scramble eggs

Stir in Velveeta cheese until melted

Serve immediately


 Velveeta asked me if I knew any Liquid Gold Diggers. I’ll know more soon once they taste these dishes! Why? Because Liquid Gold Diggers love the Liquid Gold of Velveeta.

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Velveeta via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Velveeta”



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