Split The Difference in Comfort With a Foam Bed Bridge


For decades, couples have been fighting over a compromise when it comes to bedding. Inevitably, somebody likes a soft and squishy bed, and the other likes theirs rock hard. Splitting the difference works in some scenarios, but when you go with option C for a mattress, when you want option A and your partner wants option B, nobody wins. Getting poor sleep, unsurprisingly, is a lose-lose situation.

What many resort to when faced with this situation is purchasing two individual twin beds that make up a king-size bed when pushed together. While this solves the original problem, it can create another, especially for individuals who like to sleep near each other. With two bed pressed together, you’ve created a center seam where they meet that is unsupportive and not the least bit comfortable. So while the issue of comfort is now taken care of, you may as well be sleeping in two separate beds, as the seam forms an invisible barrier between the two.

Is there any way, then, to get a mattress that addresses both individuals’ comfort needs, without a physical rift between the two? The answer to that is yes, and with a foam bed bridge, the answer is also surprisingly affordable.

This t-shaped product is made from soft, compressible foam, with a gentle taper across the surface, and a wedge that points downward to fill the gap between the two mattresses. With this in place, the space between the two beds is nearly undetectable, giving you that single bed with customized feels you’ve been after. Just cover it with your sheets and it’s like a brand-new king-size bed!

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source of bedding and support products, including the aforementioned bed bridge, as well as foam mattress topper and pillow products!



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