How to Protect Your Child Online


Child safety online is a modern-day parental responsibility. Does your child know how to block or report someone? Does your child know how to navigate the settings menu to set their info to private? What about spotting age restrictions and avoiding usernames that give away too much personal information? There’s a lot of bases to cover. Check out our instant refresher from the guys at – get the top tips you need to keep your child safe online. If you feel that your friends and their children may benefit from the expert guidance, click here for further useful advice. Find out everything you need to know about issues including sharing pictures, online bullying, spending too much time online, and much more.

Discussing online safety is a great way to build a healthy and open relationship with your child. Teaching your child to come to you first with any doubts surrounding online activity starts with reassuring your child that you won’t overreact – make sure your child understands that keeping secrets when things start to go wrong is only going to make matters worse. Discover great ways to start the conversation with your child, and arm yourself with the tools you need to become a proactive parent.

How to Protect Your Child Online


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