Life in Pictures: The Best Times to Take Candid Photos of Your Children


Children do so many incredible things, and they grow up so fast, that you want to make sure you capture all those special moments as they happen.

But when are the best times for capturing those precious moments?

Here are some of the best occasions to take photos of your kids, so get your camera ready and don’t miss them.

While They Are Playing

Nothing is more natural than children playing, so try to capture the moment with your camera. The ideal play pictures involve natural moments when your children are not aware that you are taking photos, and this helps to capture the magic of the moment.

Having a mobile phone with a good camera to hand can help you take more natural photos because the kids will be less distracted by your camera. Some phones are capable of taking amazing photos these days – you may want to find out more about Sony’s mobile camera technology because it may turn out to be the only camera you need.

In the Bath

The bath is a fantastic opportunity for taking fun pics while your kids are enjoying themselves. You’ll probably want a good flash, depending on the time of day they bath. You might also want a camera or camera-phone that is water resistant just in case you drop it or it gets splashed.

In Bed

This is probably the easiest type of photo to take because your kids won’t be moving around all the time. Sneak into the bedroom in the morning before they have woken up, and you’ll be able to take your time setting up the perfect shot when they look really cute just before waking. Just make sure to keep your camera on silent so you don’t wake them up!


When it comes to taking photos of kids, you’ll already know how quickly they can move around, and getting the perfect shot can be difficult if they won’t keep still. For that reason, indoor photos can often end up blurred, spoiling that perfect shot.

However, shoot photos outside on a bright sunny day, and you’ll get much sharper images even if your kids are charging around all over the place. Whether in your garden, on the beach or out walking, keep your camera handy to make sure you don’t miss those fun and action-packed moments.

When You Least Expect It

These are some of the best moments to take photos. But the truth is, you can take photos at any time and your kids will make them special.

Keep your camera or your phone on you wherever you go, and you may be gifted with the perfect photo opportunity when you were least expecting it, like when you are shopping in the supermarket.

One of the things you will have difficulty with is taking photos of your kids in poses and in the moments you choose. Instead, be ready to take natural photos whenever the right moment presents itself, and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Emma Jones is a wedding photographer by trade, at other times she’s just a Mom trying to remember and capture every moment of her daughter as she gets older and bigger each day. Emma writes about photography sharing tips and ideas with Moms and brides alike.

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Taking photos of my kids is the best part that I really enjoyed.