Parent Hacks: 7 Ways to Prevent the Dreaded Summer Slide


It’s a well-known problem: Kids lose learning over the summer. Teachers call it the summer slide, and it happens every single year. Elementary school age children, on average, lose about two months’ worth of math skills and one month’s worth of reading and spelling over the course of summer break. 

But there’s a lot you can do to prevent the summer slide! And you’ll be surprised by how easy and fun it can be. Just 10 minutes a day can have a huge impact and help keep your kids from losing ground.

The experts at LeVar Burton Kids have gathered their top 7 ideas for keeping your kids thinking, engaged and learning all summer long to share with you, absolutely free! From cooking with your kids to playing games to reading, you’ll discover 7 fantastic and fun ways you and your kids can defeat the summer slide. Best of all, this report is absolutely free.

Simply click here to for immediate access to your free copy of 7 Ways to Prevent the Dreaded Summer Slide.


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valmg @ Mom Knows It All

I have heard of the summer slide but haven’t personally seen it happen. That’s probably partly because my youngest is in an extended school year.


I wish I saw this at the beginning of summer! I was looking for something like this when school just let out. I might just sign up and have my kiddos doing this with school.


I don’t have any kids yet but I remember the summer slump only too well but we loved playing outside with friends so it wasnt always bad. The summer slide we definitely forgot how to spell things when we were in school

Heather @ Kraus House Mom

When I was a teacher I saw first hand how bad the Summer Slide was. My oldest is in Special Ed and has to go to summer school (Extended School Year) to avoid the summer slide.

Amy @ Marvelous Mommy

This is a great resource! My kids just started back to school this week! We did workbooks over the summer to stay sharp!


We always worked with our kids over the summer so they wouldn’t slide or forget what they had learned over the past year. Great to get ideas on how to make it fun and interesting.


Summer slide is a new concept to me though it makes perfect sense! This is perfect timing.


I was a teacher, so I have definitely seen summer slide. It seems like some kids forget everything they ever learned!

Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

We homeschool, so I don’t see the summer slide. Even though our “school year” has a summer break, we see everyday as a day to learn, so my daughter is always doing something to learn, like reading or playing “school” where her dolls are learning their multiplication tables.

Claudia Krusch

We keep my Son challenged when he is off of school. I like to buy workbooks for him to do. It is so important to prevent the summer slide.

Our Family World

Thanks for sharing this free resource. I am letting my cousin know about this. She’s got three young daughters who look like they did have a bit of that summer slide.

Carol Cassara

That’s quite true and we’ve experienced it all. I think it’s important to come up with activities that will help kids retain and learn more about the lessons that they learned from the school year.

Ali || Veggies by Candlelight

When I was in school my mom always made sure that I stayed active with school work, reading, writing and especially math.

Melissa Dixon

This is really helpful for keeping kids sharp during Summer break. This will help so many!

Kita Bryant

That is awesome that it’s free! I was expecting to have to buy it only to be surprised by the free copy!


I worry about the summer slide, especially when you have a child that has difficulty grasping subject matter during the year.

sandy N Vyjay

The summer slide is for real. One of the things to do is ensure the kids have some activities that are educational as well as entertaining. No point in burdening them during the hols.


It really is important to ensure that your children continue to learn through the summer! Getting workbooks and doing learning activities, taking reading time… all very important.

K. Lee Banks

More parents need to realize this is a real thing that frequently happens. They need to take the time to invest into reinforcing learning and providing new opportunities to learn throughout the summer. It’s possible to do that and make it fun, as well.