LED Backlit LCD Television with Mounted DVD Review


We had a spare room that we decided to turn in to a guest room. We love having our out of town friends and family stay with us and really want to make them feel at home. My husband wanted to buy a television to put in the room. After looking at prices and doing my research we found one that we really liked.

We found an LED – backlit LCD television plus it has a side mounted DVD player. This is a really nice feature that saves a lot of space in the room. The LED television provides amazing picture quality over traditional LCD televisions. I did not expect the picture or quality be this amazing on such a great deal.

The light-emitting diode technology used to backlight LCD TVs provides better contrast ratio, faster refresh rates, and a greater range of brighter colors than LCD TVs backlit with traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamps. The LED television measures 13’H x 15 3/4″ x 5 1/4″W.  The LED television includes a remote that requires two AA batteries.

If you are looking for a television that is a great price and quality the LED – backlit LCD Television with DVD player is perfect! It provide high quality picture without the high quality price.

You can purchase the LED – Backlit LCD Television with mounted DVD player online at Hammacher. Hammacher makes customer service their number one priority!


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