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I am always on the search for the perfect cleaning tool that will conquer more than one chore and task in the house. I am happy to say that I have finally found that product. It is called the Haan All Pro Portable Hand Held Steamer. This little tool weighs just 2.8 pounds! That’s right an appliance that conquers more than one chore and won’t kill your arm or back when using it. The All Pro Portable Hand Held Steamer cleans and sanitizes nearly everywhere in you house. You can also use it for chores outside the house such as cleaning the car.

The HAAN All Pro Portable Hand Held Steamer cleans and sanitizes just about any household surface. No more scrubbing those hard to clean spots. The HAAN All Pro Portable Hand Held Steamer is light weight and versatile for any job. Not to mention once you start using it you won’t want to stop. This little machine is addictive. You can use the easy control trigger or the continuous steam lock to clean everything from kitchen counter tops to hard-to-clean corners of the bathroom. It is perfect for sanitizing the toilet. The one job that EVERYONE hates. The All Pro even includes a garment and upholstery attachment to smooth and deodorize clothes and household fabrics.

The HAAN All Pro Portable Hand Held Steamer kills 99.9% of household germs, bacteria and dust mites without chemicals. I love this because I have young kids and fur kids and I am always afraid and cautious of the chemicals in cleaning products and how unsafe they are to use around kids.

 The HAAN All Pro Portable Hand Held Steamer is perfect for cleaning the though grim off of the rims of your car. Or you can trick your husband into having him clean them for you by telling him about this amazing steamer!

The HAAN All Pro Portable Hand Held Steamer has comfort-grip handles. The power cord is double insulated and is almost fifteen feet long in length. The tank has a capacity of 6.76 ounces. That might not seem like a lot but that little bit of water gives the HAAN All Pro Portable Hand Held Steamer 15 minutes of operating time. I know this little power steamer must take forever to heat up right? Nope it take less then 3 mintutes! Thats less time than making a cup of coffee start to finish!

Ready to purchase your own HAAN All Pro Portable Hand Held Steamer? Visit the HAAN website here.

Good news, HAAN Mom Blog Society readers can use the coupon code: NOVLDHS20R for $5.00 off the HS20R at Haan USA The coupon cone will be valid starting Monday, Dec 3rd at 12:01am and will expire on Friday, Dec 21st at 12:01am.

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HAAN ALLPRO Portable Hand Held Steamer is really convenient for us!