Instructional strategies



Mentoring Minds provides resources for enhancing mathematics skills. Instructional strategies include a process that introduces math concepts in easy to understand ways throughout the materials available through the program. The mathematics learning tools and resources also incorporate a rigorous testing spectrum into the learning process to best ensure that students truly learn the materials presented.

With standardized testing becoming all the more important in this day and age, the mathematics learning materials available through Mentoring Minds are geared to aid in standardized test preparation.

The materials keyed towards aiding with improvement of standardized test scores build upon one another. They focus on key mathematics concepts and incorporate a pattern of practice and repetition designed to truly bring a student to the point where he or she is best able to master an all important standardized test.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the teaching and learning resources at Mentoring Minds, a wealth of resources directed towards professional enrichment are also available. The professional enrichment resources and products are tied in to the materials available to students who use the learning tools through Mentoring Minds. The combination is powerful and has demonstrated an overall increase in a student’s chances for ultimate success in mathematics and in other student areas.




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