Hann Agile Sl-40 Steam Mom Review



My son is allergic to just about everything! I’ve been working my home toward a greener environment for the last couple of years now.During the course of the last two-years, I’ve turned to steam as my primary method of cleaning. I’ve eliminated all harsh chemicals from my home, and because of this, I’ve noticed a decline in my sons allergy attacks.

I was recently giving the opportunity to review the Haan Agile Sl-40. First, I want to say that I love it! The Haan steam mop is not my first steam mop. I was given the Shark steam cleaner as a Christmas gift a few years ago. So, I was able to compare the Haan to a similar product.

I can honestly say that I like the Haan Agile Sl-40 better for two reasons.

1. The pads are made better. They are more scrub-able if that makes sense.

2. It heats up to a high enough temperature that the water evaporates instead of leaving a fine mist on your floor.

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And if you are anything like me and can’t wait to get the new product you just discovered you can BUY a Haan Steam Mop here.


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