Give the Gift of Song and Laughter with, Selfie Mic!


My oldest loves to sing and dance in her room. Her bestie lives across the country, and so they tend to send each other videos of them being goofy. I love technology and how my daughter can still have an incredibly close relationship with her best friend, no matter the distance. I look for fun things that my daughter can create videos and laugh and have a good time. She tried out Selfie Mic and the hours of fun she had were incredible. 

I attempt to join in and have a great time with the Selfie Mic and she tends to just get embarassed. No matter how embarassing it is for her, we have hours of laughter. Learning new songs and creating music videos, my daughter had no idea she would even enjoy something like this. Now she is a little superstar in her room.


With Selfie Mic she can do it all on her own, but she also can do it with a few friends as well. She likes creating the videos and sharing them with her friends and mostly her bestie. It is hard being so far away from your partner in crime, but I think this gives her the chance to include her in the fun. Now her Bestie is begging for her mother to get this for her as well. I see a cute little battle of the bands type thing in the near future. 

Selfie Mic comes with a microphone, Selfie stick, adapter cable and instruction sheet. Songs are added daily, so no way you can get bored with the same old songs. You get 1000 bonus tokens to use in the StarMaker app! Its a nice way to get started. 

I will be giving out Selfie Mic to all the kids that are 8 and over on my christmas list. It is so much fun and who doesn’t fancy themselves a start! 

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