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Power Pressure Cooker XL by Fusion Life Brands




The Power Pressure Cooker XL by Fusion Life Brands is amazing.  I can’t get over how easy it is to use.  My 17-year-old daughter, Sarah, loves it.  She will cook, without a hitch, now that we own the Power Pressure Cooker XL by Fusion Life Brands

Power Pressure Cooker XL by Fusion Life Brands cooks your food in no time at all.  And the meats come out so tender.  Vegetables come out delicious, as well.  I’ve never had a product work so well, that I constantly want to use it.  We’ve made everything in this Power Pressure Cooker XL by Fusion Life Brands , and 70% faster on the cooking time, as well. Fruits and vegetables that are vital for you to eat will be extra delicious using this pressure cooker, you will definitely be amazed.

Sarah will be 18 soon, and I have a feeling I will be buying another Power Pressure Cooker XL by Fusion Life Brands, but that’s fine because they are at the great price of just $99.99, or 3 payments of $33.33.  It’s that simple.  Go to the link at the bottom of the page to see how you can shop for one today.



The Secret is Power Cooking


Thanks to its incredible flavor infusion technology, the Power Pressure Cooker XL traps super-heated steam inside the pot. This high-pressure environment forces liquid and moisture into your food, locking in intense flavor and nutrients. The best part is the intelligent one-touch settings for meat, fish, vegetables, beans, rice, soup or stews. Making your special beef stew pressure cooker recipes? Just push the Stew button, and the pressure cooker does the rest! Even the Las Vegas catering company: Worry-Free Catering uses this pressure cooker when they are in a pinch.


 Pressure Cooker Features Include:

Custom Time Set To Customize Your Cook Time
3-Way Safe Lock System
Brown/Sauté Button For One Pot CookingTextured, Non-Stick Deep Inner Pot
Built-In Steam LedgeErgonomic One Grip Handle
 Large Digital Display Panel
 Built-In Spoon Rest Preset ButtonsDishwasher Safe

 Slow Cooker Option
 Flavor Infusion Technology
 Built-In Safety Features
6 Qt. Capacity

Connect with Fusion Life Brands:    Shop Power Pressure Cooker XL by Fusion Life Brands     |    Power Pressure Cooker XL by Fusion Life Brands on Facebook     |     Power Pressure Cooker XL by Fusion Life Brands on Twitter

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.



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Cindy Conner Bowling

This pressure cooker sounds like it would be great to cook with.

ellen beck

Pressure coookerss have always intimaidated me, but this makes it look so easy and so much safer than the old models. I love the way ot looks and how it would save time and energy.

Linda Bradshaw

I would love to have one of these to use for quick meals. I hope I get one for my birthday. It sounds awesome!

Lorina Padgett

One pot, one touch. settings. Infused flavor, quick cooking time! That’s what my busy family needs. Thanks for the review.


My granny always used a pressure cooker and it scared me to death and I have never used one but this one looks harmless enough

Lisa Brown

It has a nice touch panel; looks easy to use and fast.

Donna Pyszk

I really love the one touch preset buttons feature.

Alex Noack

I love the idea of this and hope it really works like it says. I just ordered mine a couple days ago because I have heard and read great reviews and the infomercial presentation was great. I watched youtube videos of people using it for a long time before deciding to buy.

Rebecca Xavier

I love that there is a timer.

Angela W

This looks great to use and I like the custom time set so I can choose how long depending what I am preparing. Love it!

Sandy Cain

I’m more than a little ashamed to say that I never used a pressure cooker. My mom drummed into me that “they explode” – but I’ve actually never heard of one exploding! I would love to try one – if it’s safe enough for your daughter, I guess it’s safe enough for me!

Heather P

Buy, would this come in handy at my house, especially during the busy Summer months when no one wants to be a stuck in the kitchen!

Stephanie Phelps

Being able to cook in one of these like my grandmother did would be so awesome and of course then one is a lot safer than hers was!


I have always wanted one of these. I’m a terrible cook, so much so that I was asked several years ago to stop. Maybe with this, I could try cooking again.

Libby Jones

This would be really great during the summer, and also looks easy to use. It doesn’t look scary!


Lovely! I will make beef stew.

Gina Gallagher

I love all the different settings this Pressure Cooker has. Would love to make real meals without heating up the oven and whole house this summer.

Rosanne Morrison

I like that it cooks quickly for when I am in a hurry or forgot to take something out early

Angie Gosnell Gibson

I love using my pressure cooker, it is an older style one with the twist on lid, that i never knew what it was when i was younger but learned about 6 years ago how to use it when a family member finally showed me! I would love to have an updated pressure cooker!

Laura G

I love how versatile this is. I so want one now.

Tara L

I always wanted a pressure cooker. I guess cause there are so many different recipes you can use and you can start making it from the morning and it’ll’ be done by the time your hubby gets done work

Adriana Gonzalez

This Pressure cooker sounds awesome. I’ve been in need of one but I’ve been debating whether or not to get one but this would be so helpful in my home.

Marti Tabora

This does not look like my moms pressure cooker. I have always wanted to try cooking with one, my mom always did when I was growing up, but it was never like this one.

Donna Cheatle

My sister in law has one of these and she swears by it. She cooks in it every day!

Laura West

Wow! I’ve always wondered about using a pressure cooker sometime but they never seemed friendly for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing with it. This one looks so simple and makes me want to start playing with some new recipes!


I always wanted to try one of these. So glad I got to read this. It sounds great.

Thomas Murphy

Sounds awesome! I would love to try this.

Kamla L.

I’ve always wanted to try cooking with a pressure cooker but have been too scared to try. I grew up hearing how dangerous they were and and about all the dangerous things that can go wrong. I know that pressure cooker technology has come a long way since . The Power Pressure Cooker XL by Fusion Life Brands sounds like a the perfect to try. I love that they have presets that take all the guess work out of the process and their safety features help to alleviate my fears.


This looks so great. I cook with a pressure cooker often and I would love to have this!

Linda Manns Linneman

This is so nice. I love that it has a slow cooker option. I have a very old pressure cooker that I use to make my potatoes in and I really like it. I really hope to win this new cooker so I can give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing

Rusty H

I remember my mom always using her pressure cooker. Didn’t look anything like this one. Ha..! Looks like an awesome product.

Linda Kish

I have never used a pressure cooker and this looks so much nicer than any I have seen before. I would love to have this and learn how to cook in it.

amy rouse

making a pot roast in a pressure cooker never occurred to me! It sounds amazing tho

robyn donnelly

This is pretty up to date from 30 years ago or so. Love the ultra modern gizmos.

Carolyn Barnett

This would be amazing to have. I have always used the ones that you put on your stove and let it come to a boil and all the steam builds up……..scares the fire out of me! I would love to have one that is safe!

Ree Dee

My pressure cooker is about 10 years old and this one looks like a great replacement! Thank you for the great review!


I really like to cook in a pressure cooker. This looks like it’s a step above!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

debra dubois

I always one this my mom had the when I was little sure saves a lot of time to do other things in the day,.

ken ohl

love this pressure cooker mine is getting very old and time to replace and this looks so modern be great .

vickie Couturier

that looks so much easier than the kind my mom used to use many years ago,,i was scared of that

Joyce Baker

Nice review. It’s good to know it’s easy to use because I’ve never used one.

Judy maharrey

I am amaze at all this pressure cooker can do, I always just thought of them as for canning. I like the different settings, and that you can even saute in it! This is something I am really interested in.


Oh my goodness. This does it all, doesn’t it. I would love to have a good pressure cooker. I have heard that it is amazing at making meals that take forever, doable for a quicker dinner.

Julie L

I love how everything is so easy with just the press of a button.

Soha MOlina

I have never cooked with a pressure cooker before but I see a lot of recipes for it.

nicole krutz

I definitely need to get one of these! Sounds like it will make our busy life a little easier!

jessica z

This looks great! I never knew you could cook meat and fish in a pressure cooker!

Sandra L Hying McFadden
Sandra L Hying McFadden

I would so love this. My Grandma always used the old type pressure cookers and everything tasted so much better and cooked faster in hers. I love the technology this represents.

Amanda Sakovitz

Love how easy this looks to use!

belinda bell

I have wanted one of these from the first time I seen it.

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