Djed: A New Family App Coming to Your Rescue


We know how hard it can be as a parent to keep track of your own schedule plus your family’s schedule. Don’t fret because we have the inside skinny on a new family organizing app that will help streamline your family’s busy schedule. So, say sayonara to missing appointments or play dates!  Djed, Tribe, 2 How it works: First off, Djed allows your family to build a “tribe,” which is basically a list of relatives and close friends. Plus, Djed has a private network that enables your family to safely share vital information with each other.  Djed,1 With a set of features, like a calendar, contacts, documents, notes, lists, photos, assets, and more- you can manage and keep track of all of your family’s information, such as the house, car, assets, health, play dates, vacation, grocery list and much more. At the same time, Djed makes it easy for your family to safely share all of this information with each other.   So, mark March 13th in your calendar because that is when you can download Djed and try it out. Also, if you happen to be at SXSW, Djed will be there showcasing the app. -Jenny Kolber    


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