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CRDC Creations- For the Superhero’s in your life.



CRDC Creations- For the Superhero’s in your life.

Do you have a superhero in your life? My kids are constantly running around the house with a blanket tied up around their neck acting like Superman. It is the cutest thing since it is what I used to do when I was little.  When I had the opportunity for review a personalized kids cape and accessories from CRDC creations, I was so excited. 

All capes are hand cut and made of eco-felt with a velcro closure that makes it easy for kids to take on and off. They can make them in any color combination of your choice. Perfect for boys and girls. 

Super hero

I received 2 sets. One for each of my kids. Both were personalized with the letter of their name on it. They were so excited when they saw the set they were so excited. They had the full getup that included the Cape, Superhero Mask, Belt, Arm Cuffs. They looked adorable! My son even slept in his  that night. 

You have the option of personalizing your cape and picking your color – Red, Blue, Black, Grey, Bright Pink, Fuchsia, Dark Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, Aqua.

This would be so much fun if you are having a birthday party. It is something totally different and the kiddos would have a blast. The cost is very reasonable and to add to the fantastic price they are offering a 15% discount code just for our MBS fans to be taken off your purchase. Just use code MBS15

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This product was received from theCRDC Creations for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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sally gearhart

Oh my goodness 😀 my 4 year old would just absolutely love this! I can not begin to tell you how much we play superheros, lol. I am always the bad guy & he is either superman or spiderman which he calls peter parker, lol 🙂 this is just great!

Rebecca Parsons

Such a great way for the kids to use their imagination. My grandson would love this.

Emily Smith

Oh my gosh! I’ve got three boys and they would love this!

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