Xiaomi Products You Should Check Out in 2021


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Xiaomi sg products are taking the world by storm. Just recently, it was hailed as the world’s 2nd best phone maker, overtaking Apple. One can’t deny how its products have enhanced both significantly and favorably, enticing more and more consumers to do a double-take and become loyal customers of the brand.

With this, it could be quite a treat if you’re out and about shopping for new products or phones to use. So, if you aren’t familiar with the brand yet, here are a few of their latest products you surely don’t want to miss in 2021!

Xiaomi Mi 11

Xiaomi in SG considers Xiaomi MI 11 as its latest flagship, since its launch in the company. It’s also deemed one of the best Xiaomi phones in 2021. It significantly flaunts its upgrade from the previous Mi 10 phone, with dimensions of 164.3 x 74.6 x 8.1 mm, and a weight of approximately 196 grams. The upgrades become apparent when you look at the phone’s display features. Xiaomi Mi 11 possesses a 2.5K resolution, which is over the 2K of both the Galaxy S21 And the Mi 10. It also comes with automatic video resolution, screen HDR modes, framerate upscaling, and various brightness and reading modes as well.

You would also enjoy its improved loudspeakers, especially the new videography modes which are fun to play with. Additionally, you could take high-quality photos with its 108MP camera. Its battery life could be improved, however, since too much usage of the phone’s features wouldn’t make it last a day. Nonetheless, its super-fast charging speed makes up for that fact.

Redmi Note 8

Following its predecessor which launched in 2019, a remodeled Redmi Note 8 has been re-released this year. It’s almost similar to the former but still packs excellent and up-to-date software.

If you’re one to play games on your phone during leisure time, then this one might be for you. Xiaomi sg’s Redmi Note 8 provides for lag-free gaming, as well as watching videos. It has a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels as well, which presents a big & vibrant screen. It’s also very convenient to use because it comprises 128 GB 6GB RAM that is useful for multitasking performance, and a space for large memory.


Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro

Xiaomi in SG’s Flip buds Pro is the latest counter-attack on Apple’s AirPods pro. Released recently this year, these are earbuds equipped with 28 hours of battery life. This product is useful for your zoom conferences or online meetings because it’s also built-in with noise-cancellation features and microphones that block surrounding noise by up to 99 percent. Moreover, only a 5-minute charging can already suffice for a 2-hour use – impressive, to say the least.


Since its product releases, Xiaomi sg is known as a company to consistently bring innovative and high-caliber products to the market. Starting from its introduction of the 108-megapixel camera, innovative liquid lens, and GN2 camera sensor, you’d be impressed by how consistent Xiaomi sg is in making milestones for their product capabilities. With a wide range of products to choose from, Xiaomi sg never fails to deliver quality products to their customers, regardless of budget.

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Priya Singh
1 month ago

Found your post interesting to read. I was impressed how well you express your thoughts.I cant wait to see your post soon. This article is really very interesting and effective. Good Luck with the upcoming update.

Your blog is filled with unique good articles!

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1 month ago

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Elementor Pro
30 days ago

seems like some best products Xiaomi. i personally love Xiaomiproducts.

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28 days ago

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