Women’s Lugz Tampora Boots Review


          In the Midwest the cold winter months are on the way, that means tons of snow and ice covered streets, steps and porches! Lugz Tampora Quilted Boots are not only amazing beautiful but perfect winter boots that can withstand our harsh winters!! When you put the boot on your feet are engrossed in warm luxury!

    I guess I should fess up and let you know, I’m a SHOE FREAK! My hubby once told me “You have more shoes than Carter has Liver Pills”! Hehe, It’s true! What can I say.

    The Tampora Boots offer the following features:

    • Perma Hide upper
    • Suede shaft
    • Soft acrylic fur lining
    • Cushioned insole
    • Padded tongue
    • Rubber toe cap and heel
    • Adjustable fold-down collar

    They are man-made boots that come in colors from black/cream to brown/black/cream. This gives you the ability to match them with your favorite outfit whenever you plan on wearing them.

      Lugz Tampora Boots make excellent  hiking boots and are nice and durable. And if you’re not interested in hiking, Lugz Tampora Boots are also a nice fashionable boot. The length gives you a nice cover over your leg so you don’t get that wet cold snow leaking in to your boot, giving you a nice warmth feeling. Like I had said even without the snow the boot is a nice look able to show to your friends, and family. This is simply a boot I would take out in any type day ran/snow/shine.



     BUY IT:

    You will most defiantly use these boots for more than one occasion! Simple visit Lugz for a pair of Tambora boots.


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    Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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    charmingdate scam
    10 years ago

    Lugz Tampora Boots are really warm, I like them so much!