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As the world has shifted around us over the last few years, many are turning to alternative options for everyday things made locally. Homegrown and homemade are terms that are finding their way into hearts once again, and Texas olive oil is as exotically local as it comes.  The Texas Hill Country Olive Co. has found itself at the forefront of a booming local produce industry, Italian grade olives on home soil. Let’s look at how they have accomplished this and what they have to offer. 

Tradition With a Modern Twist

When it comes to being proud of their heritage, the Italians and the Texans have that in common. It is commonplace to see “Proudly Italian” displayed in the stores of those with roots grown in Italy; add that to a healthy dose of Texan pride and it’s no wonder that this company is passionate about what they do!

As 3rd and 4th generation Italian immigrants, you could say that olive oil is in their genetics; the Gambini family has helped pioneer a little taste of Italy in the rolling hills of Dripping Springs. With the use of Texan ingenuity and a passion for the seemingly impossible, they have created the perfect environment to grow and cultivate the finest olives, using traditional machinery to produce high-quality EVOO. 

The farm drips with nostalgia and rustic Italian tradition while running a smooth modern operation. The Texas Hill Country Olive Co. has found the perfect formula where tradition meets modern convenience

The Art of Keeping it Exotically Local

With the world of imports changing and reliability fluctuating, it has become a fruitless task to source and import fine products from the international menu. These days you don’t need to catch a flight with added connecting flights and a day of jet lag to explore the culinary delights of lands far across the globe. Instead, locals are turning to homegrown produce with the same high-end quality, freshness, and taste for a fraction of the price. 

The Texas Hill Country Olive Co. has used this to their advantage and turned their labor of love into a fine art of keeping it exotic while staying true to a local fan fair. They use local produce and seasonal offerings in their onsite restaurant to help craft some of their most impeccable products. It has become more than just producing quality Texas olive oil

This sort of cultural revival happens every so often when people begin to believe in the magic that flows through the lands they call home. They begin turning it into a haven for sustainable farming practices and placing trust in the hands of their neighboring producers. 

Not Just About Texas Olive Oil 

Another thing that makes the Gambini farm great is its offering. The picturesque farm is the ideal location for family gatherings and times when you would like a day escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

The tour and gift shop atmosphere are authentically welcoming, true to their Tuscan-inspired style. It is clear this is more than just a career choice for the owners, Cara and John; it is a lifestyle that stems from a wealth of generational passion. 

The Perfect Setting

Looking for a venue with views and a delightfully Tuscan setting? This quaint but perfect farm has space to accommodate up to 40 people for intimate rehearsal dinners and events. Its ideal location and catering facilities add to the essence of a true home away from home style tradition often found in Italy’s heartlands and around the kitchen islands of the Southern Lone Star State. 

A Generous Offering Beyond Texas Olive Oil 

While its primary offering is EVOO, the farm produces a lot more than just bottles of golden oil; instead, they have a wide range of products that scream tradition with a modern twist on exciting flavor profiles. They dare to transform tradition and make it their own. 

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Balsamic Vinegar 

How authentically Texan can a company be if there is no mention of a bit of bourbon in their offering? Well, the answer to that is not very. The delicious balsamic vinegar produced on the farm is aged in Bourbon barrels from the local Garrison Brothers Distillery. With a range of infusions and styles available, you will be sure to find the perfect bottle of balsamic to accompany your meals.

The farm offers tasting tours that end in a quick lesson on how to pair your favorite bottles of golden Texas olive oil to the sweetly tangy delights of balsamic vinegar on offer. 

From Foodies to Memories

From great infusions to stylish gifting options, you will find something to take home and cherish from your visit to the olive orchard. For foodies, it is a haven of culinary delights, with fresh seasonal offerings in the tasting Bistro. There are vast selections of the finest ingredients to take home for your kitchen explorations; you are sure to tap into a little bit of nostalgia and a longing for fond kitchen memories at the Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

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