What to Know About Non-Surgical Breast Lifts


Sagging breasts can afflict almost any woman, whether young or mature. While it’s more common with older women who have had children, it can sometimes affect women as young as the early 20s. 

Women who have drooping breasts may consider a breast lift, which removes extra skin and fat and tightens the remaining tissue. This popular procedure lifts the breasts and makes them look perkier and more youthful. 

The number of breast lifts has increased almost 70% since 2000. But what about patients who want a minor ‘lift’ but avoid surgery? 

You can have a non-surgical breast lift that means no incisions or cuts are involved, and you don’t need IV or general anesthesia. A non-surgical breast lift may be safer than the surgical variety because there is less risk of scarring, bleeding, and infection. 

If you’re interested in a breast lift but aren’t sure about surgery, below are some non-surgical procedures to consider. 

Why Do The Breasts Sag? 

Any woman can have sagging breasts, but those who have children and breastfeed may have some degree of breast sagging. This is because, during pregnancy, the ligaments and skin in the breasts contract, and the milk glands aren’t as dense after pregnancy, resulting in drooping. 

Also, as you age, gravity tends to pull skin and tissue down, which can also affect the breasts. 

The traditional choice for sagging breasts has long been a breast lift. While this procedure is effective and needed to correct significant sagging, you must have general anesthesia, and the recovery is extensive. 

Plus, many women don’t like the idea of breast scars, and that’s inevitable with a surgical lift. 

For women who want to avoid surgery and need a less significant lift, there are non-surgical options. 

Dermal Fillers

According to San Antonio plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Farber, “Dermal fillers are usually used for the face to fill in lines and wrinkles, But they also can be used to provide a minor breast lift in some patients.” 

The most common filler used for a non-surgical breast lift is Sculptra, which contains poly-L-lactic acid. It lasts four to six months when injected into the breasts. 

It works by stimulating the skin to produce collagen, which can provide some lift and volume to the breasts. 

Remember that dermal fillers are temporary, so you’ll need touch-up procedures at least every six months or so. 

Vampire Breast Lift

A vampire breast lift (VBL) is a popular anti-aging procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma in your blood. 

The idea behind a VBL is to provide a slight lift to the breasts – similar to what you achieve with a push-up bra. 

The VBL won’t treat sagging breasts exactly, but it can make it look like you had a small lift; it boosts blood circulation to the chest and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 


This device tightens the skin on the face without surgery, and it also can work on the breasts. 

The device works with cold plasma energy that contracts the skin and encourages it to produce collagen. 

Your surgeon inserts a probe beneath your skin where you want to tighten, such as the breasts. 

You will notice some results right away, but it can take several months for collagen production to take effect to lift the breasts. 


This is another non-surgical procedure that stimulates your skin to produce collagen. The device utilizes radio waves to tighten the protein fibers in the skin. 

Your healthcare provider uses a ThermaCool device that sends radio waves into the deep skin layers during the procedure. After you have the procedure, you should see tighter skin right away. 

Some doctors use the Thermage device to tighten the skin in the breasts to reduce sagging. But this treatment only lasts a few months, so you’ll need more than one procedure. 

Chest Exercises

Exercise reduces the size of fat cells, but there are specific chest exercises that can make the chest muscles stronger. Some options are push-ups and triceps dips. If you are at the gym, you can try barbell bench presses and bent-forward cable crossovers. 

Increasing the strength and size of the chest muscles can offer a mild breast lift. But if you want a significant lift, you’ll need to have a conventional breast lift. 

A non-surgical breast lift won’t give you the same results as a surgical breast lift. But you may want to consider one of the options above if you want to avoid surgery and anesthesia.

Your plastic surgeon can review all of the options with you, understand your aesthetic goals, and help decide if a non-surgical breast lift is for you.  

You also can try a non-surgical breast lift to see if it gives you the desired results. If not, then you can move on to a traditional breast lift. 

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