What Is Patient Management, and How Can It Be Perfected?


Did you know that people in the United States make 883.7 million visits to their doctor or physician each year?

With such a large volume of patients, patient management is more important than ever for providing the best care to people who are ill. It also takes a huge burden off of the doctor’s office and the health industry as a whole.

Patient management allows for the best care for patients. It creates more time for the doctor and the patient to forge a strong connection and get the care that they deserve.

Continue reading to learn more about patient management and how to perfect it.

What Is Patient Management?

Patient management is a way to keep your processes streamlined to prevent a backlog of paperwork and allow for more time to treat your patients. It is usually in the form of a software program that makes health care much easier.

It works by creating automated systems that track patient information. It also tracks diagnoses, prescriptions, and encounters with health care professionals. It records if you go to physical therapy for an injury or urgent care for an emergency.

Benefits of Patient Management

There are a variety of benefits that come with using and perfecting a patient management system. Here is a closer look at the benefits that both small and large practices gain from using a patient management system.

Easing the Burden

One of the biggest causes for the rising costs in the health care sector is the expense associated with administrative staffing. Patient management helps with that by automating tasks like patient flow maintenance.

Automating these tasks perfects patients protection solutions. It creates less data entry work for your administrative staff and opens up hours for them to focus on more important tasks. It also increases efficiency as a whole at your clinic.

Manage Your Practice Better

If you run a solo medical practice then investing in patient management is a great idea for you. It provides a wealth of benefits for solo practices through automation. 

Some different functions that patient management helps with are record keeping, charting, and patient scheduling. It makes patient care much more manageable and easy for your practice as well as the patient.

You’ll also get the benefit of accurate bookkeeping and automated billing.

Timely Patient Care

Larger clinics and practices also have a lot to gain from improving patient management. Large practices have a larger amount of patient volume. This makes the scheduling automation of patient management extremely valuable.

Great patient flow allows your practice to have a calm and orderly waiting room. This is preferable to one that is filled with frustrated patients that are awaiting their turn.

A great patient management program allows for instantaneous transfers of medical records. It also cuts out any treatment errors that would occur from manual paper records that were filled out incorrectly.

The best patient management will allow your practice to run in an efficient manner. It will help you provide top-notch health care to your patients.


No one enjoys using paper files and hefty filing cabinets for storing patient information. It is a hassle to store and even more annoying to find when the files are needed.

Patient management eliminates the need for paper files through charting modules that store patient data and their health charts. It also stores their appointment information and their billing information for added convenience.

Using a patient management system will allow you to open up more space at your doctor’s office that would have been needed for storing physical copies of records. Now you can clear that space to make an orderly and welcoming office environment.

Day-to-Day Operations

Another major way to perfect your patient management is by enjoying the automation of daily tasks for your health care practice. Tedious administrative tasks get handled by automation which frees up your administrative and medical staff to handle providing great health care.

Allowing your staff to focus on providing health care will help them find more fulfillment and enjoyment in their jobs. This has the added benefit of making a happy environment for all of your patients that come in for doctor’s visits.

There is also the benefit provided by improved accuracy of record keeping at your facility. Fewer errors mean that your facility is more profitable and provides a higher standard of care.

This creates loyalty with your patients. If they receive a high level of care from a medical staff that is happy and demonstrates that they care, the patient is likely to return for future visits and even recommend your practice to friends and family.

Easier Scheduling

When it comes to creating a more efficient practice, the biggest area that you can fix is scheduling. A quality patient management system allows patients to book their own appointments at any time, 24/7. 

Your administrative staff won’t need to take phone calls all day from patients that want to book an appointment. Those appointments will now be booked through the patient module portal.

Even better, if a scheduled time doesn’t work anymore for a patient they can enter the portal and either cancel or reschedule the appointment on their own without the need for a phone call.

On top of that, your staff won’t need to make reminder phone calls to your patients. Patient management systems send automatic reminder text messages and emails to patients in order to remind them about the time and date of their appointment.

Make Patient Management Work for You

Patient management is a lifesaver when it comes to creating the most efficient health facility possible. It also helps you provide the highest level of health care.

It takes a burden off of your administrative staff. It also makes the process of getting an appointment with your doctor’s office easier for the patient as well as the health care facility.

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