What Does CBD Feel Like When Taken Orally


Whether you are very prepared or skeptical about taking CBD, your first question might be: “What does CBD feel like?” Unfortunately, your question might not have a definite answer, but the good news is, everybody feels different after taking CBD. This is because human bodies are different, and they respond differently to substances. 

However, there are common side effects, which should not be too hard on you. For example, most people report fatigue, diarrhea, reduced appetite, and drowsiness after taking CBD. You could also enquire from other people who take CBD and ask how it felt for them. 

Human bodies have a unique chemistry, and some factors might influence your body’s response to CBD. For example, people used to the compound might have little to no side effects because CBD is no longer new to their system. 

If you are on other medications, the two different compounds might react and give you various side effects. Therefore, it could not be entirely safe to mix CBD with other drugs without talking to your doctor first. 

Your metabolism and body weight are other factors affecting your body’s response to CBD. Ensure you monitor how you feel every day. If the side effects are overwhelming, it is essential to talk to your doctor about them. 

How CBD Works and Its Dosage

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a byproduct of cannabis and hemp plants. The product does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive element in other cannabis products, so it is not intoxicating. 

When you take CBD, it goes to the central nervous system and interacts with cannabinoid receptors, primarily serotonin receptors. These regulate the amount of serotonin produced in the body, responsible for sleep, mood, and pain. More serotonin in the body increases the amount of sleep, and you’re less likely to suffer from insomnia. 

There is no specific dosage for CBD due to differences in our body’s chemical composition. So, different amounts of CBD react differently to people. Therefore, it is essential to get a prescription from the doctor who will first examine you and know how much CBD you should take. 

However, it is advisable to take CBD in low amounts when you begin. If your symptoms don’t disappear after a week, you can gradually increase the dosage to the point you will feel its effect. This will reduce the intensity of side effects you could get if you start with high amounts. Factors like your body weight, the type of CBD you take, and age will also influence the dosage. 

CBD Will Not Get You High

While wondering, “how does CBD make you feel,” you might be guessing that you will get high from the compound. You’re mistaken because CBD will not make you high. 

CBD is different from other hemp and cannabis products because it contains less than 0.3 percent THC, which is too low to make you high. However, it is unsafe to buy CBD from any vendor because some don’t do lab tests for impurities.

Ways People Take CBD Orally

After reading about CBD and deciding it is time to try it, your next concern is in what form you will take. However, this should not worry you. With CBD, you are spoiled for choice, including CBD edibles manufactured by Zen Bliss in Vancouver.

Some food industries even mix this chemical compound with different ingredients to make it easier to consume. Here are some of the ways to consume CBD orally.

A tincture

If you have never taken a tincture, you can start with CBD. It involves using a dropper to drop a portion of CBD oil under your tongue. 

This method of taking CBD shortens the time you will take to feel the effects because, under the tongue, there are direct capillaries to the brain. Meaning, the substance will get to your bloodstream and brain within no time. 


If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, you can do it differently by mixing it with a smoothie. It makes it easier to take, and you will not have to make a sour face when swallowing it. However, taking CBD in this form will take some time to feel the effects because digestion must first happen, then absorption into the bloodstream. 


If you are a coffee addict, then here is another excuse for you to make more coffee. Most coffee brands are making exceptional CBD coffee by infusing coffee beans with CBD. This will also reduce the amount of anxiety you get from the usual coffee. 


CBD is also available in capsules and tablets. The number of pills you take depends on the amount of CBD in each capsule and your dosage. This style of taking the compound will also take some time for the effects to show. 

The time it takes for you to feel the effects of CBD depends on the type of CBD you take. Those who take it as a tincture feel the effects almost immediately. This is because the substance goes straight to the bloodstream and to the brain. 

If you take it in food and capsules, it could take even three hours to feel the effects. This is because CBD has to pass through the stomach for digestion and get absorbed into the bloodstream.  

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel After You Stop Taking It?

The effects of CBD might last for about 2-6 hours, depending on how your body processes the substance. However, even after the effects have disappeared, you still have CBD in your system. 

Tests can still detect CBD in your blood after seven days or even more. Although you could pass a drug test, it will not mean that you don’t have CBD in your system. 

Final Words

CBD is a product of cannabis and has many health benefits to the human body. But since our bodies have unique body chemistry, the product reacts differently, and there is no definite dosage for everyone. Due to this reason, there is no definite answer to the question, “what does CBD feel like?”

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However, there are common side effects, which should not be too hard on you. For example, most people report fatigue, diarrhea, reduced appetite, and drowsiness after taking CBD. You could also enquire from other people who take CBD and ask how it felt for them. 

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