What Are the Different Types of Towels?


For good towel hygiene, experts suggest that a family of four should have at least 8 bath towels, 12 hand towels, and 28 washcloths per week. 

If it’s time to refresh your towels, or you’re furnishing your linen closet for the first time, buying towels can be an intimidating task. Luckily, we’ve broken down the types of towels you may encounter and when each one is used. 

Follow along to discover the types of towels you need in your home today.

Bath Towel

There are several different types of bath towels, however, the main characteristic of a great bath towel is a durable, soft, and absorbable material. 

Most conventional bath towels are made from soft cotton and range from 27 to 30 inches wide by 52 to 58 inches long. Larger bath towels often called bath sheets can also be a great option for a cuddly, warm embrace after your daily shower. 

Face Towel

These towels are used for exactly what they sound like – your face. 

This little square is usually 12 by 12 inches and softer than your average towel. This is so that the fibers of the towel don’t tear or irritate the skin. 

For best practice, each member of the household would have 2 face towels per day to keep their skin clean and dry.

Hand Towel

Hand towels are most commonly found in the kitchen and bathroom, however, you may feel inclined to provide a few extra for guests. 

These towels are used primarily to dry the hands after using the facilities or doing dishes. Keep them fresh and bacteria-free by washing or changing them up every 2-3 days.

Beach Towel

Similar to your bath towel, this towel is large enough to dry your entire body. The main difference however falls in the size and material. 

Different types of beach towels can display beautiful patterns that are often more resistant to sunlight, seawater, and other beach-inflicted stains. 

The best beach towels even have two specific sides. One for absorbing the water from your body and bathers, and one for repelling sand and sogginess. 

Sports Towel

This towel is perhaps one of our favorites for both home and travel. A sports towel is specially designed to be extra absorbent and compact for easy transport. 

Most commonly made from microfiber, this towel is perfect for travel and can make a great ultra-absorbent bath towel. 

Of course, sports towels need to be cleaned more often than others, check out this article to discover the best way to clean a microfiber towel.

Salon Towel

While these towels aren’t necessarily the best towels for home, they are a great option to have on hand if you enjoy a good DIY spa day. 

The material of salon towels is bleach-proof and durable to stand up to studio applications such as hair cleansing, nails, facials, etc. 

Spa Towel

This towel is perhaps the plushest option you can choose for your linen closet. Designed to keep guests cozy and comfy, the spa towel is often extra fluffy and of premium quality. 

Impress your guests or treat yourself to a luxurious experience with these types of towels. 

Types of Towels

Now that you know the different types of towels, you can stock up your linen closet with the very best. 

From ultra-absorbancy to a plush luxurious experience, use this guide to help you choose the best towels for home, travel, and everything in between. 

Want more tips and tricks for your home? Check out our other articles to discover all things home, parenting, and travel.

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