Ways to Have a Memorable Pregnancy in Singapore


Singapore is one of the best places in the world to live in while pregnant mainly because of its clean environs and the many things it has to offer, from the local dishes to the wonderful sights and sounds that define the beauty of this magical land. If you are pregnant, whether you are a local or a foreigner you are bound to enjoy your pregnancy in Singapore.


Outlined below are some ways that you can enjoy your pregnancy while in Singapore.


Singapore Pregnancy: Revel in the Royal treatment

When you are pregnant and in Singapore you will no doubt notice that everyone will treat you like royalty. Pregnant women in Singapore are treated with utmost respect because of the precious life they are carrying inside them. You are bound to get special treatment when you visit shopping places, as you walk the streets, inside a bus, in church and so on. You will be given first priority whether shopping or taking that bus or train ride. Enjoy those moments while they last because you are indeed royalty and by going out in public places frequently the royal treatment will happen more often.


Eat and Eat

This is the time when you don’t have to worry about weight gain and can eat as much as you want. There are lovely local Singapore foods such as kueh abuk abuk, nasi lemak, prata, dim sum and so on that can not only be beneficial health wise but they are also worth eating because of their taste. If you develop a craving for one of the local dishes, then it will taste better every time you take it. There are many more local dishes and indulging in some of them might give an unforgettable experience of tasty Singapore food.


Pamper yourself

You are pregnant because you are carrying a baby inside you 24hrs, a day seven days a week. Your tired body will definitely be in need of some pampering to provide relief for your sore muscles and some help in effective blood circulation. In Singapore you can opt for a fulfilling spa retreat or a massage that soothes the body and mind to make you feel less tired. There are a lot of spa sanctuaries and great massage parlors for you to choose one that will give you that lifetime experience. After visiting a spa or a massage parlor in Singapore, you are bound to feel rejuvenated enough to carry your pregnancy to term.


Going shopping

As you near you due date, spoil yourself more by going shopping for yourself and your coming baby. There is a wide array of shops that only offer quality goods at discounted prices. A shopping experience is never dull in Singapore for both the local and the foreign pregnant woman. This is a time to buy mementos to remember this very important period when you were pregnant.


Going sightseeing

Sightseeing is not only the perfect way to see the treasures of Singapore, but it is also a perfect exercising opportunity because you will most of the time be on your foot as you absorb the breath-taking sights. Places such as the Singapore botanical gardens, the Changi chapel & museum, Kranji war memorial and so on are some of the places you could visit and really enjoy your Singapore sightseeing tour while pregnant.


Singapore is indeed the place to be while pregnant. If you happen to go into labor while there, you will no doubt get the best medical service.

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