Trying to Drive More Traffic to Your Online Store? Consider These Great Tips!


Are you a stay at home mom looking for a way to make some extra money? If you are a bit tech-savvy and have a passion for choosing and selling products the general public, setting up an online store is a great idea. While you will have to invest money initially to have a website constructed, a well-designed online store has the opportunity to generate lots of income.

Studies show that eCommerce sales are set to grow by nearly 15 percent in the coming year. American consumers love the convenience and cost-effectiveness of online shopping, which is why getting on this bandwagon now is a wise option.

Read below for some helpful tips on how to drive more traffic to your online store.

Work on Creating an Effective Linking Strategy

Modern consumers love to receive information about the products they invest in online. One of the best ways to keep your customers in the loop regarding your industry is by using the power of blogging. While consistently posting quality content is a great way to keep existing customers engaged, you need to do a bit more to drive new traffic to your online store.

This is why creating an effective inbound and outbound linking strategy is so important. Putting inbound links in your blogs is essential when trying to provide the reader with context. Getting backlinks from reputable and popular websites is also key component of online marketing success.

One of the best ways to get these links is by seeking out the help of a guest posting service. You can find out more about linking and how to do it effectively by checking out the 2019 Link Building Strategy | How to Plan Your Backlinks | Outreachmama.

Optimizing Your Product Descriptions is Important

When trying to create a successful online store, you need to realize just how important well-written product descriptions are. Not only will these descriptions need to be informative and engaging, they need to also feature popular keywords.

Putting the right keywords in your product descriptions will allow you to generate more organic traffic. If you are unsure about how to find and use keywords related to the products you sell, working with an experienced digital marketing agency is a good idea. These professionals will have no problem helping you in your pursuit of search engine dominance.

Launching Email Marketing Campaigns is a Good Idea

Keeping new shoppers informed is a must when trying to keep them loyal and engaged. This is why launching email marketing campaigns is a wise move. Most people prefer communicating with the brands they use via email.

Sending out a bi-weekly advertisement/newsletter can help you increase sales and traffic. Ideally, you want to tailor the content you send out the meet the needs of the recipient. For instance, if a customer has bought a pair to shoes from your website in the past, sending them information about footwear deals and accessories is probably a good idea. Trying to use a one size fits all strategy during your email marketing campaigns will lead to lackluster results, which is why personalization is beneficial.


Don’t Ignore the Power of Social Media

Every online store should have a presence on social media. Since this is how millions of people get information about the latest trends, you need to leverage this medium to your benefit. Posting and engaging on popular social media platforms can help you attract a wider audience. The time and energy you put into this engagement will pay off in the long run.

eCommerce Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Viewing the opening of an online store as a way to get rich quick is foolish. While success with this investment will be gradual, you need to stay the course to reap the benefits of your hard work.

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Jeremy McCay
4 years ago

Creating a working and efficient business is not an easy task. Whether you are a local store or online, you have to take into account many factors that affect the future and success.
I would recommend using clear goals and the right marketing channels to attract your customers.
Do not forget about technologies, good solutions for POS integration

4 years ago

These are very general tips since a lot depends on the area in which you are moving. And based on this, the effectiveness of some approaches may change. Recently, I just came across an article in which I consider the quality of the content as t