Torrance carpet


Carpet is one of the best flooring options for comfort and beauty, and Torrance carpet from has all the information necessary for choosing the best carpet option. There are many different types of carpet and some perform better than others. The tighter the yarn twist the better the carpet and the longer it will look like new. The nap is another feature to consider. This is the height the yarn stands above the backing of the carpet.

Shorter nap looks good longer because there is less to crush. The density of a carpet is the amount of yarn per square inch. Dense carpet resists crushing and matting. It is almost impossible to push a finger though the yarn to the backing on some dense carpets. The backing is called the cushion and a good quality carpet cushion will extend the life of any carpet, even if the yarn is not first quality.

If there is a chance the carpet will be soiled by pets or spills, there are special carpet cushions that block the liquid from entering the cushion as well as odor resistant carpet cushions. Looped carpets need to have more filament packed into the yarn and tight loops for a good performance carpet.

Continuous filament nylon is a much better choice than staple nylon where the filament is cut before it is spun. Each type of fiber including wool, nylon, polyester, polypropylene or soft carpet fibers has its unique characteristics and is suitable for different situations.


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