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Now, it doesn’t matter the reasons why you might only get the chance to see your kids at weekends, what counts is what you do with them. This top ten guide presents locations that children just love going to with their dad and if you ever think of just sitting them in front of the TV for a few hours then think again because there’s a lot more to life than Postman Pat and Bob the Builder.

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Making a splash

It doesn’t matter how old your kids are, swimming is always a winner. This is a rain or shine option and if you get them kitted out with the correct buoyancy aids for their level you’ll be guaranteed to make a splash. If you’ve been swimming on a Saturday or Sunday morning before you’ll know that this is definitely a daddy domain.


Swings and roundabouts

Swings, slides and wide open spaces make for happy kids so grab a ball, bucket & spade and Frisbee and go and enjoy yourself. This is a great opportunity to have fun together and from climbing frames to see-saws, watching your children playing on their own or interacting with others is a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a morning.


Down at the farm

Kids always enjoy learning through practical and hands-on experiences and they also adore being with an enthusiastic father who loves teaching them new things. There’s so much to see and do at the local farm and from practicing the names of different animals to helping to feed or pet, farms really do provide no end of opportunities to have fun together.


Beside the seaside

As an island we’re never that far from the beach, and from building sandcastles to skimming stones, a day at the beach is an awesome option no matter what the time of year. You’ll be surprised at how long a child will happily play with shells and pebbles and collecting things to take back home to make a picture or put in a scrap book is great fun too.


If you go down to the woods

Kicking leaves, climbing trees and keeping your eyes peeled for wildlife are just some of the reasons that a trip to the woods is a great idea for dad and their kids. There’s something very calming about being amongst trees and underneath a green canopy and before long you’ll be chatting with each other or just enjoying the peace and quiet.


Load of rubbish

The local dump is always a winner with kids who like to help out and from smashing bottles in recycling to scavenging amongst discarded furniture many a happy moment can be shared at the tip. This is a great excuse to get messy together and share the feeling of working outside before getting cleaned up and ready for tea.


Blooming marvelous

Digging, raking, planting or just playing about in the soil; kids and gardening go together like flowers and sunshine. If you can get your children to plant vegetables from seed and care for them until they’re on the table then they won’t just be having fun with dad, they’ll be learning a skill and maybe a lifelong passion.


It’s all happening

As it says in the song, it’s all happening at the zoo. What a great chance to get close up to all of the animals that you’ve seen together in picture books. Just wait until your little lions, tigers and bears are running all over the place and growling with smiles on their faces – absolute bliss and a great way to spend an entire day.


The softly-softly approach

Search for soft play centers in your area you’ll be onto a winner, especially if it’s raining. Basically, this is in an indoor adventure playground that comes complete with ball pits, soft slides and climbing frames so all you have to do is watch and encourage and make sure you don’t get stuck in any child-sized tunnels!


Under canvas

If you fancy taking your kids on a few adventure tours then why not spend a day or even a night camping? Cooking outside, playing in the fresh air and helping each other bang in troublesome tent pegs all make for a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one that you’ll want to repeat and remember time and time again.

So, next time you’re thinking of going on your singles holidays or leaving the kids with their grandparents for the weekend just remember that there’s loads of stuff that you can do together, all you have to do is remember the essentials: dummy, nappies, wipes, snacks, favorite toys and change of clothes – let’s do this!

Author: Chris is a father of a toddler who is just coming to terms with having fun away from the pub and singles holiday’s resorts.

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