Top Mocktail Ideas for Summer Events


There are plenty of reasons why people attend summer events because it’s not just about the fun, getting to meet others or the food, but it’s also about the alcoholic beverages. 

However, there may be others who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, like pregnant or minors, mainly because it’s illegal, or want to cut down calories, or for other medical or religious reasons. 

But that doesn’t mean they could just settle for boring alcohol substitutes. The good news is there’s already a full-service beverage that could also be fun such as the inventively called mocktails, at any events that are becoming popular these days. 

With that, those who serve mocktails should explore its top recipes mocktails should have ideas about. So, if you have your Illinois bartending license or certification and want to know more about serving mocktails, you’ve come to the right place. 

This article lets us know more about top mocktail ideas to prepare for summer-sipping events. 

Understanding a Mocktail

This is a broad term for non-alcoholic drinks that is usually a mixture of fruit juices, fizzy drinks, and alcohol-free alternatives. These usually recreate a famous cocktail, but it comes with no alcohol content. 

And if you are wondering if servers need the Illinois bartending license, know whether or not a mocktail server must have a bartending license to serve, and that depends on the jurisdiction where they operate. 

In some states, those serving alcoholic drinks must have a bartending license, even if beverages don’t contain any alcohol. There are also some states where a license is needed and required for non-alcoholic beverages. 

That said, it’s vital to research the laws in the state or even if the Illinois bartending license is required for mocktail servers. 

Popular Mocktail Recipes for the Summer 

Check out this top recipe that people choose. 

1. Tiki Cooler 

Craving for some mojitos or coladas? The Classic tiki mocktail comes with flavors. It could be bright with citrus and have low sweetness. You’ll imagine your summer on a beautiful beach from its first sip. It’s indeed a perfect non-alcohol that is so refreshing. Also, put garnish with slices of cocktail umbrellas and pineapple to make it look pleasing. 

2. Mid-Day Spritz

The Mid-Day Spritz is a must-try, made with verjus, passion fruit cordial, and Fever Tree sparkling grapefruit in tonic water. Having all these, you only need to add the over-the-top grapefruit slices and rose gold aluminum straw to level up its aesthetic. 

3. Lemon Verbena Mocktail

With this mocktail, you’ll never need to get lit to enjoy this tasty beverage in glassware. The Lemon Verbena Mocktail is served in a lightbulb-shaped glass. It’s a very easy combo of a hint of orange blossom and sparkling lemon verbena. It tastes fine, just good enough for those not into drinking alcohol. 

4. Virgin Cucumber Mojito 

This mocktail is so refreshing, says anyone who tried it. It’s not that sweet and tart – much less than a lemonade. You will also love its cucumber smell before you take a sip. It will be everyone’s favorite and a perfect summer drink – something everybody wants for a hot day. 

5. Espresso Highball 

You probably know about espresso martinis, but have you ever heard about Espresso Highball? For non-alcoholic drinkers, this mocktail drink is done with blends of espresso and the dried orange peel cordial. It also has tops of tree tonic water over the ice and fun garnish. Then, of course, there are coffee beans too. 

6. Margarita Punch 

Margarita has always been the go-to punch for groups. It can be served during bridal showers, thanksgiving, and other simple parties. And to give the margarita mocktails that kind of cocktail vibe, you can simply moisten the rims of the glasses and dip them with margarita salt, garnished with slices of lime. 

7. Stonefruit Bubbles

High-quality and fine glassware always goes a long way when served to mocktails. For instance, the Stonefruit Bubbles recipe looks refreshing in it. You just have to start by blending the sour melon juice and the citric acid. 

Next, combine the Seedlip Citrus Grove – a non-alcoholic spirit, simple syrup, and peach tea. Once done, you just have to store it in the fridge in a large container for about 24 hours, then bottle and carbonate the mixture for the next day before serving. 

8. Freddie Bartholomew

With this mocktail, you only have to turn an ordinary ginger ale into a very quick and easy mocktail by adding a dash of sweetened lime juice and a twist of lime. 

Wrapping Up

Indeed, summer events are a perfect chance to enjoy refreshing and tasty mocktails. Now that you know some of the top ideas for mocktails during summer events, allow yourself to try them. 

Or, if you are a server who wants to do your job right, you should probably obtain an Illinois bartending license or wherever state you belong. That being said, let your guests make memories with the refreshing mocktails they have in hand during the summer.

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