Top 10 Valentine’s Day Spa Packages


If you are looking for a valentine’s day gift besides the normal roses and chocolate bars, a spa package could be the perfect gift. Your loved one would be so surprised to know they’re spending the day relaxing in an infrared sauna or or enjoying a rejuvenating body wrap. 

Imagine spending this day pampering yourself and your partner. Keep reading to find out the many spa gift ideas that any woman, or man would love. There’s truly something for everybody.

Here are ten Valentine’s day spa package to check out.

1. The Mama Diva Prenatal Spa Package

Pregnancy impacts a mother’s-to-be body and mind significantly. This prenatal spa package is ideal for pregnant women to be pampered with safe prenatal spa treatments. This package is 5 hours long and provides head-to-toe relief and relaxation for them. 

It includes massage, manicure, pedicure, body wrap, organic custom facial, scalp treatment, and lunch and snacks. It is also safe during all trimesters of pregnancy.

2. Spa Package for Men

If you want to treat your man this Valentine’s, get him this package. It includes a sauna and deep tissue massage to relieve pain and aches in your deepest muscle parts. You also get a back or foot scrub, steam towel treatment, foot reflexology, and scalp treatment alongside snacks. This package takes one hour and 45 minutes.

3. The Head Trip Spa Package

If you’ve been having persistent headaches, this Valentine’s day spa package is what you need. This massage treatment uses techniques that relieve tension, reduce stress and reduce headaches. The treatment takes 60 minutes and concentrates on your neck, shoulders, and upper body.

4. Delicious Spa Package

This package is perfect for unwinding and rejuvenating your body. It guarantees relaxation through spa ingredients like Swedish massage, body wrap, foot scrub, and infrared sauna time. With this package, you enjoy over two hours of pure relaxation.

5. Mother Nurture Spa Package

This package is ideal for mothers who need to feel calm and escape from daily homemaking activities. In this package, you get over one hour of body-pampering through massage, dry brush exfoliation, hot steam towel treatment and more.

6. The Viva Diva Spa Package

This luxurious package accords you over six hours of pampering treatments like body wrap, back sugar scrub, manicure, facial, and more. You also get lunch, snacks, and wine.

7. Delicious Duet Couples Spa Package

This package will leave you and your partner detoxified and rejuvenated through an exquisite combo of body treatments, foot scrub, sugar scrub and more. As a couple, you get a shared six-hour experience when you reserve a duet room with side-by-side massage tables. 

8. Celebration Spa Package

This spa package allows head-to-toe pampering through custom facials, hot stone massage, pedicure treatments, and Swedish massage. It accords you over three hours of a luxurious spa experience.

9. Vivafy Spa Package

This package combines massage and facial treatments and is the perfect spa getaway. It incorporates Swedish massage and deep tissue alongside aesthetic skin care through cleansing, exfoliation, and more to give you a 3-hour relaxation experience.

10. New Year Nail Package

From manicures to pedicures, this package provides your hands and feet with extra love. It is over one hour long and allows you to enjoy spa treats like wine and chocolates.


When looking for a Valentine’s gift, getting a Valentine’s day spa package is one of the most memorable ways to spend your day, and your body will thank you. Spa retreats and couple massages are ideal to spice up your romance while giving your body much-needed rest. The hot stones, private pools, and deep tissue massages will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

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