This is how you know how much sleep does your kid really need


Sleep is an essential part of a person’s life as it helps in evaluating how energetic you will be throughout the day. You may have noticed that you become cranky and irritated over small things when you are running low on sleep. Hence, it is essential to ensure that you get the rest your body needs to function well. However, the amount of sleep you need depends on your age and your lifestyle. Kids do need more sleep than an adult. If you are concerned about your child’s sleeping pattern, then this is how you know how much sleep your kid really needs. 

Some kids do sleep more than 10-hours while others sleep for only 8-hours. You can use the internet to know who much sleep or kid needs or simply use a sleep calculator. We see a lot of people who work perfectly fine on 4-hour sleep. However, there are some people who cannot function well even if they sleep for 10-hours. If you wish your child to succeed in whatever they do, it is crucial to ensure they are well-rested. We have some tips to help you know how much sleep your kid needs and how to provide better sleep quality.  

Why do kids need more sleep?  

Usually, kids at the developmental stage go through a lot of activities. They have school, playgroups and they also play in the evenings. Overall, many activities are going on in a child’s life that can make them feel drained. A well-rested child focuses well in the class as well as has enough energy to join playgroups. Children are curious; hence, their brain functions all the time as they try to soak up all the information. The constant running, playing sports, education, and exams can take a toll on a child’s mind. Hence, a good night’s sleep can help them feel fresh and rejuvenated. 

How to track your child’s sleep? 

A parent must know how much sleep is adequate for a child. You can search on Google; how much sleep does a 4-year-old need? Google is the ultimate magic platform that gives you access to numerous articles. However, there are other small activities that you can do to evaluate the sleep your child needs. Let’s have a look at the methods that can help you track your child’s sleep. 

  • Experiment 

Some parents can identify their child’s sleeping pattern and the sleep they require to feel great. It is essential to have a proper routine and an evening routine to help your child relax and wind down. Initially, start with an eight-hour sleep window as it is the average sleep a child requires. If your child tends to wake up an hour or two after the eight-hour limit, then you know they need 9.5-hour to 10-hour sleep. Sometimes, parents can be rigorous when it comes to sleep and going to bed on time. It is necessary to discipline your child and build these crucial habits. 

  • Sleep calculators 

A sleep calculator helps a person calculate the hours of sleep and evaluate the rest a person needs. A child needs 10 to 12-hour sleep per day which is healthy to keep them active. However, the amount of sleep they get is an entirely different subject. If you are looking for a great sleep calculator, then you can search for them on Google. There are many free ones available online that will help you achieve your goal. What’s essential is enhancing your child’s sleep quality and making them feel energized each day! 

Signs your child has sleeping issues 

There are many signs that directly or indirectly indicate that your child either has sleeping issues or is not sleeping well. Let’s have a look at some signs that you need to watch out for: 

  • Insomnia 

Insomnia is a common disease that most people deal with across the world. In this disease, a person cannot sleep at night, and if they eventually fall asleep, they wake up even with small sounds. Sometimes, parents are unaware of their child’s condition or neglect it because it does not seem like a real issue. Parents must give insomnia as much importance as any physical limitation. If a child has insomnia, they will perform poorly in their academics, and it is highly likely for them to suffer from mental issues. You do not want your child to be a mental health issue victim. Hence, it is crucial to do something about the matter and make your child feel better. Children can have insomnia due to their genetics. 

  • Lack of concentration and cranky 

When a child is in its developmental stage, they tend to have a low attention span. It is usual for a child to get distracted when they are doing something. However, it is concerning when a child is having excessive concentration issues. It is highly likely for the cause to be lack of sleep or sleeping issues in general. Some parents also deal with child tantrums and mood swings daily. Rather than being strict with your child, it is crucial to analyze their sleep cycle. There are many remedies that parents can try to help their children sleep better.  

It is essential to have some routine to make your child have a better sleep. Making children indulge in physical activities and encouraging a healthy lifestyle is critical for better sleep. On the other hand, you must also buy them a comfy mattress which also helps maintain a better sleeping pattern. 


Sleep is one of the crucial aspects of life, and it significantly impacts a person’s mental health. If you are looking to find the right sleep balance, you know how much sleep your kid really needs. We have a detailed guide above that can help you evaluate the hours of sleep your child needs and its quality.

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Matthew M. Rogers
Matthew M. Rogers
3 years ago

Sleep is very important for every human being. Experts recommend 7 hours night sleep which will keep your mind energetic that will help you throughout all day. But in hot summer days you may need smooth ceiling fan to keep your body relaxed and healthy.