The Top 5 Ways to Prepare for a Weed Test


There are so many myths and misconceptions that are associated with tetra hydro cannabinol, which is the major constituent component in weed. One of them is that THC stays in the bloodstream for more than seven years even if it was a puff. The myths go wide enough to instill fear in that the highness from marijuana can cause you to lose your mind and senses. These are myths and misconceptions, as weed has actually been proved to be of useful importance in the therapy of cancer, and if properly used and not misused has no harmful body effects. However, in some work ethics, it is considered sinful to engage in drugs and marijuana is included in the list. It is for this reason, there are random check-ups or even during the interview. If you live in California, check out California drug testing laws to see what common drug procedures you may be subject to. This stress has caused so many to panic but that should not be the case anymore. Here are some of the top ways to prepare for a weed test and actually pass:

  1. Use detox pills and drinks. This is one of the ways that is widely used by athletes or heavy smokers of the marijuana. The pills and detox drinks play a major part in cleansing out the urine, the blood, and the saliva. This will mean that the drug metabolite THC-COOH will be dispelled or flushed from the system faster to ensure you are on the safer side during the test. The pills and the detox drinks, however, are a major health risk to one’s body and need to be consumed on a prescribed dosage and nothing more.
  1. The fruit pectin method. This is the final emergency method that is used mostly by athletes or employees who are heavy smokers and have an emergency test in that week or tomorrow. The fruit pectin is a mixture that allows one to clean the urine within hours by avoiding the discharge of the THC-COOH metabolite through urine but through the human waste because it is natural. The mixture is drunk a day before the test or two hours to the drug test.
  1. Use of clean water. This is the most basic and the safest method to clean and rinse off your body with THC-COOH metabolite in the system. Drinking a lot of clean water will ensure that the urine is dilute. This, however, is risky as it will lead to void results and may be forced to take another test.
  1. Hold off on the drug intake. The drug has different potency depending on the user, how frequent the user uses it and the type of strain smoked. In order to be on the safe side, you should off on the intake of the marijuana if you have scheduled drug test that you are aware of. This way you will be clean during the drug test naturally.
  1. Use a weed calculator. The weed calculator is a good way to know how long does marijuana stay in your system. The weed calculator is based on algorithms that consider your body weight, your height, age, and gender. By knowing the duration it will stay in your body, you will be able to plan and prepare for the scheduled drug test.

The above methods though helpful are not a guarantee of 100% efficient results. The methods also need to be checked to avoid serious and dangerous health risks.

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