The Taste Test – How to Get Out of Your Fashion Comfort Zone


With cheaper fashion options available to us, more and more people are expressing themselves through the art of clothing. This is corroborated by annual spending data recorded by the Australian Securities and Investments Commision, who reported that in 2016, Australians nationally spent the same amount of money on fashion as they did on education.

Expressing yourself through fashion may seem an easy task on paper, but many are ingrained in their ways, and find it difficult to get out of their fashion comfort zone.

Comfort zones are unique, and the way in which we escape from our comfort zones are even more so. Some may feel that escaping their comfort zone means wearing more color, for some it means less color. Some may want to try sustainable fashion, while others may desire high-end designer brands. Here are a few tips that anyone can adopt for how to get out of your fashion comfort zone and try something new. Have a read and get started on your fashion journey today!


Changing fabrics can make a huge difference to your wardrobe. Fabrics give a diversity in the texture of your outfits, and have the capacity to bring excitement to an otherwise bland look. Fabric in Fashion, an online exhibition organized by Elizabeth Way described the importance of fabric in “creating silhouette and aesthetics”. In order to get out of your fashion comfort zone, therefore, it is imperative to assess your use of fabric, and expand your use therof.

Let’s say you love wearing dark, muted colors, and want to add something unique without straying too far from what you typically wear. Incorporating leather, faux fur, satin or any other fabric can add something extra. So get hunting today; look for a satin shirt, suede shoes or a bamboo bra and expand the range of fabrics used in your wardrobe.

Challenge Yourself.

There are many different ways to step outside your fashion comfort zone. You may already have a goal in mind: maybe you want to incorporate more color or dress more professionally. If you already have a goal, you can already start setting a challenge accordingly. This may involve wearing one colorful piece of clothing per day for a week, or wearing a dress shirt to work.

If you are unsure what direction you want to go in, try a few. This will allow you to sample many different styles and assess how you feel towards them. This is a fun and explorative activity, and will also push you to feel comfortable wearing unique and fun outfits. The more you try new things, the easier it becomes to step out of your comfort zone.

Ignore the Trends.

Style surpasses trends, and if you are wanting to step outside your fashion comfort zone, it is important to understand that trends are not rules. You do not have to follow trends to be fashionable, nor do they suit everybody. Coco Chanel famously said that “in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”. If we always follow the trends, then we are not different.

If you find that the items that are trending do not suit your tastes, don’t wear them. Instead go for pieces that you love, regardless of what others think. A great way to tackle these trends is by visiting op shops. These contain items that followed the trends of decades gone by, and some might spark your interest. You may find something amazing hidden away that is what you’ve always wanted.

So there we have it, a few tips to get you out of your fashion comfort zone. If you don’t find success right away, be patient. It can sometimes take time to break out of your comfort zone, and even more to find a fashion sense that you love. So relax, be patient, and don’t stress too much over it. Start small with things like fabrics and patterns and work your way up from there. Good luck!

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