The Importance of Building and Pest Inspections


No one wants to think about pests when they’re buying a home, but it’s important to remember that pest inspections are an essential part of the process. Pests can do serious damage to your home, so it’s important to get them checked out before you buy. Here are six reasons why:

  1. We Cannot See Many Pests 

Your new property may appear free of termites, but you cannot be sure. Many termites and other wood-destroying organisms are invisible to the naked eye.  

A thorough pest inspection from a licensed inspector like Pro Pest Control Melbourne will help you identify any potential problems and take steps to address them. They have the necessary tools and training to help check any pest activity within the property.

  1. You Will Save Money 

Wood destroying organisms like termites can destroy the interior of your home. Termites are an example of wood-destroying organisms. These organisms do not just eat wood, they eat cellulose and drywall. Do not wait for a high bill to arrive–inspect the property for pests before you purchase the home. 

You will save money if you have pest inspections when buying a property. 

  1. Most Banks Require Pest Inspections 

Many banks will not lend money to potential homeowners unless a pest inspection is scheduled. Banks do not want to risk lending money to a home that is infested with pests. Before you receive a loan for house buying, the bank will require you to get a pest inspection. Termites cause structural damage and depreciate the value of the home. A Pest inspection will ensure that there are no termites present.   

Pest inspections will also check for other unwanted pests. To receive loan money, many banks will require a pest inspection when you are buying a property. 

  1. Peace of Mind 

Moving into a new home is an exciting and stressful time. Many uncertainties come from moving into a new home. One of the uncertainties of moving into a new home is the presence of unwanted pests. Pest inspections when buying a property will ease your fears.  

A trained professional will inspect your home from pests to ensure your home is free of pests. 

The knowledge that a professional has inspected your property for pests will allow you and your family to have peace of mind.  

  1. Your Home Could Lose Value 

One of the beauties of homeownership is that homes appreciate over time. The worst thing that could happen would be for your home to depreciate. The presence of pests, especially termites, will cause your home to rapidly depreciate.  

You do not want your new home to be worth less than what you paid. A pest infestation will cause you to lose thousands of dollars because your home will be worth less money.  

A pest inspection when buying a property will reduce the risk that your home is worth less money. It is important to get a pest inspection when buying a property to preserve the value of your home.  

  1. You Do Not Have Expert Training and Expensive Tools 

Pest inspectors have tools that you cannot simply find at Lowes. Experts have exclusive tools that allow professionals to inspect every inch of your new home.  

Additionally, pest control inspectors have thousands of hours of training under their belts. The training pest control inspectors undergo allows them to be familiar with a multitude of different pest control problems.   

Professional pest control agents can help ease the importance of pest inspections when buying a property. 


There are many things to consider when buying a new property. When you buy a new property, you must get pest inspections before you do anything. Many banks will not lend you money until you have a pest inspection done on your prospective property.  

Pest inspections are a financial requirement, but they are also good for your well-being. You must prevent damage before it occurs, especially when buying a new property. Average people do not see the damages and signs of wood-destroying organisms. Pest inspections are important because wood-destroying organisms are not visible to the naked eye. 

A pest inspection when you are buying a property will save you money and keep you safe. A pest inspection, especially when buying a property, will safeguard your property from depreciating. 

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