The Easiest DIY Guide to Making CBD Salves


For those suffering from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, they can find relief with skincare products that have CBD. CBD naturally has multiple properties that benefit the skin by relieving discomfort and providing moisture.

Learning how to make CBD salve at home is an easy process and allows you to customize the salve any way you’d like. CBD is a natural remedy that provides countless benefits. 

In this guide, we’ll go over CBD oil benefits, how to make your own CBD salve, and all the other details you need to know. 

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, comes from the flowers on hemp plants. Hemp has been used for a variety of purposes throughout the centuries, including making fabric and paper. 

There are over 100 cannabinoids, but CBD is the primary one. The THC (psychoactive element) in hemp is very low. You can’t get mentally impaired from hemp that’s rich in CBD. 

Benefits of CBD Salve

CBD helps support wellness and balance your body. CBD topicals, including salves and lotions, can provide immediate relief for multiple types of skin conditions and muscle pain. The goal of a salve is to nourish the skin, moisturizing and protecting it from further damage. 


CBD has been shown to have a beneficial effect on acne. It can help promote a reduction in inflamed skin and the appearance of blemishes. CBD also naturally has antibacterial properties, helping manage acne. 

Relieves Muscle and Joint Discomfort

When applied topically, a CBD salve can help relieve muscle and joint Discomfort. People who suffer from arthritis can experience relief when applying the salve on the areas where they experience discomfort. Whatever the cause of your discomfort, CBD salve can provide you with instant relief. 

Reduce Tension and Stress 

Incorporating a CBD salve or lotion into massage therapy can add relaxation into an already de-stressing activity. CBD topicals provide relief for overworked, tense, or sore muscles. Paired with the proper essential oil, you’ll be feeling more relaxed in no time. 

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a crystalline and pure powder that has 99% pure CBD. After the CBD concentrated extract is taken out of the hemp plant, it goes through additional steps. That removes all traces of waxes, plant material, and components that were left during the first purification process. 

The final product is a white, fine powder that contains 99% CBD. It has no odor or flavor. It can be used in several different ways, like flavoring smoothies or in salves. 

It’s perfect for making lotions or salves because you get to measure the ingredient precisely. It also mixes well with the carrier oil or lotion base you decide to use. 

Steps on How to Make CBD Salve

Making your own CBD salve or lotion takes only a few ingredients and less than an afternoon. You want high-quality ingredients so you don’t jeopardize the consistency of your salve. Do your research to find the best and cheapest CBD isolate product. 

The following CBD isolate salve recipe is easy to make. 


  • One cup oil (olive, coconut, apricot, sweet almond, grapefruit seed, sunflower seed, etc.)
  • Three grams CBD isolate 
    • Note: You can use 3000mg of CBD oil to make salve if you don’t have CBD isolate 
  • One ounce beeswax
  • Optional: Essential or fragrance oil


  • Heat the beeswax and oil in a double boiler until the wax melts, stirring constantly
    • If you don’t have a double boiler, fill a pot almost halfway with water
    • Bring the water to a boil and put a glass bowl with the oil and beeswax on top
  • Add the isolate to the oil and beeswax mixture, simmering over low heat
  • Remove from the heat and let cool
  • If you want to add in essential oils, let the salve cool but not harden before adding it in
  • Pour the salve into a storage container, i.e. a glass jar with a lid

You can also add in a few drops of vitamin E to increase the shelf life of your CBD salve. 

Types of Essential Oils to Use

Adding essential oils to your CBD salve is optional but they can provide additional benefits and of course, fragrance. 


The scent of lavender helps reduce anxious feelings or distress. It also helps relieve discomfort and alleviate headaches, in addition to promoting an overall sense of relaxation. 

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is often used to help reduce the signs of acne. Combining tea tree oil with the natural properties of CBD that help acne-prone skin, you’re left with a strong natural remedy that can help with any complexion issues. 


Eucalyptus help alleviates itchy skin, reduce joint pain, relieve muscle pain, and clear up skin and acne irritation. It’s also known to be antifungal and antibacterial. 


Peppermint oil smells wonderful and can also help relieve arthritis pain. CBD also has natural properties that reduce the amount of pain from arthritis as well. 


Ylang-ylang will give your CBD salve a wonderful floral scent. It also helps improve the quality of your skin, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. 


Frankincense has a wonderful woody scent that also provides numerous benefits. It can reduce visible signs of aging, enhance your body’s immune function, and relieve stress. 

Make Your Own CBD Salve

Learning how to make CBD salve has never been easier. Finding quality ingredients will ensure you have a good foundation for making a high-quality salve. Enjoy all the benefits of CBD while you soothe your skin with its natural properties. 

For more ideas on homemade beauty products you can make, check out one of our other articles.

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