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Apparently, parenting may seem too easy, but in reality, it is a job that requires patience and self-control. Suppose a parent or parents are not able to control their emotions. In that case, it becomes tough for them to handle the situation that is associated with their kids. There is an old saying, “kids are like mirrors;” – they reflect similar activities that they notice in their parents. 

Modern parenting technique is something that today’s parents need to be aware of as it helps in handling their child effectively. To put it simply, be it positive or negative, whatever you do in front of your kids, they will notice it, absorb it and finally highlight it through some gestures. And when it’s about teenagers, they have to be dealt with the utmost importance.

Parenting Guide for Modern Parents

Having kids is a blessing and a responsibility, too. Here are some important tips you must know to guide your kids. 

Devote Some Time for Your Kids

Even if they are kids, unaware of the bigger challenges that we face regularly, they also have many things to talk about or discuss. Listening to their demands, complaints, or statements is a must for you. Kids are precious, and their parents must make them realize it. This can be done very efficiently by taking out some time from your heavily scheduled work day on a regular basis. Kids need our attention, and as early as we understand it, it’s better!

Treating Kids Individually

Many parents have twins, and honestly, it doubles the joy in life! However, starting from the first breath, each one will have its unique characteristics, and parents must realize and accept these. Often parents tend to compare one kid with another, and this should be avoided strictly. It eventually affects their natural growth and can even lead to hatred between two siblings or towards their parents.

Dress them Appropriately

Dressing sense plays a crucial role in the development of personality. And personality development takes place at a very early stage of life. Even if this point seems to be less important, you must know that this aspect plays a key role in your child’s daily life. When going for a brisk walk, going to play in the park, or visiting the school, the first thing that is noticed is appearance, and we live in a society that judges our appearance, and would you really like to tarnish it for you as well as your kids?

Be an Example to your Kids

As mentioned earlier, children imitate their parents. Always remember that your behavior will have a permanent impact on your child. Always try to set an example (obviously on a positive side) in front of them so that they imitate or follow the same path as yours. This will also help them to judge between good and bad from the very beginning.

Be Attentive to their Activities

Kids have their own world. We need to let them live it as this helps in developing their power of imagination. However, you must know when and where to limit them. Giving them handheld devices without parental locks or objects that are inappropriate for them can influence their sense of imagination negatively. So, it is always advisable to keep a close eye on what they are absorbing.

Anger Control

Last but not least, the control over your reactions or anger towards your kids. They always have a tendency for activities that might harm them. Even after asking them about it, they will try to do the same things. In such situations, keeping your anger in control can be tough. Still, you need to handle the situation with utter patience. 

Your negative reaction towards their wrong deed can make them become too arrogant. Sit with them, discuss the bad sides of the activity they were involved in, and if needed, you need to do it multiple times. This helps in developing the bonding between you and your small one.


Gone are the days when parents had full control over their kids as very few were aware of proper ways of parenting. Now, as we have many proven methods and theories to develop our next generation in a much-improved way, why not comply with those techniques for building a much better society that comprises our next generation? Hence, you can check the guide by EMOM, to get solutions to hundreds of such queries, related to parenting, relationship, and family.

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