Symptoms of Heart Attack in Men


Heart attack occurs when the supply of blood in the coronary artery is blocked due to a clot. Because of the interrupted blood flow, the heart muscle is destroyed or damaged. The death of the heart muscle causes chest pain and electrical instability to the tissues. According to statistics, more than 60% of men’s population suffer from heart attack or experience its symptoms before the actual attack. However, some men are unaware of these symptoms, thus leading to complications. That is why it is important to learn about the symptoms of heart attack in order to seek immediate medical intervention for it. The heart attack symptoms that men should take note of include the following:
– Chest Pain: this is one of the most prevalent heart attack symptoms. The pain feels like the chest is being squeezed and this may last for a couple of minutes. Fullness or pressure in the chest can also be experienced.
– Irregular Heart Beats: an individual suffering from a heart attack may experience having irregular heartbeats. The heartbeats are usually faster than the normal.
– Discomfort: apart from chest pain, discomfort can also be experienced. If both symptoms are noticed, it would be best to all immediate medical help.
– Pain in various parts of the body: the pain in the chest may extend to other parts of the body, such as the arms, shoulder, teeth, back or jaw. There are times when chest pain cannot be felt but there is a nagging pain in the arms, back and shoulders. Most of the time, pain in other body parts are often ignored, thus leading to complications.
– Upper abdominal pain: the pressure that builds up on the chest can go down to the abdomen, thus resulting to upper abdominal pain. This is also known as referred pain, as it originates from the chest.
– Shortness of Breath: due to the insufficient blood supply to certain muscles in the heart, lack of oxygen occurs and this results to shortness of breath.
– Sweating: this is another noticeable heart attack symptom, though there are times when people assume that this is just due to heat. The reason behind excessive sweating should be analyzed thoroughly to make sure that immediate medical help is sought and prevent the fatal effects of heart attack.

These are just some of the symptoms of heart attack that men should be well aware of. Take note that the intensity of these symptoms may also vary from one person to another. There are times when chest pain can be experienced or it could also be an excruciating chest pain. If any of the above symptoms are noticed or experienced, emergency medical services should be sought immediately.
Consulting your physician is also necessary if you are aware that you have a heart disease. This is to gather information regarding the adjustments and changes you need to do with your diet, daily activities and lifestyle to prevent heart attack. You can also ask for supplements or medications that can help prevent the condition from worsening.

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