Supplements to Gain Some Muscle Mass


If you adhere to a strict exercise routine, you’re bound to see results in a couple of months. Either it involves aerobic exercises or resistance training, it’s only a matter of time before your body starts to conform to your routine. You’ll lose weight and gain muscle mass.

But then, you may want to get more out of your workout. If you’re working out to gain muscle mass, you need to consume lots of calories and proteins. The calories are to ensure that your body has enough energy to go on. The proteins are to ensure that your muscles have something to rebuild with after you work out. The following supplements can help you gain more muscle bulk than you normally would without them.

Whey protein

If you’re going to gain any muscle, your body needs proteins. Specifically, you need all the essential amino acids present in a regular diet. Without enough protein, your body’s muscle repair will be incomplete, and you’ll only gain muscle tone, not bulk.

There are so many different protein supplements on the market, and many of them will work for you. However, evidence that supports whey protein as a choice for mean muscles is overwhelming. Not only does it supply essential amino acids, but it also promotes protein synthesis.

The most suitable form of whey protein for gaining muscle is grass-fed protein powder. It’s extracted from the milk of cows that were fed nothing, but healthy and organic grass.


Creatine is a naturally occurring molecule in the body. It’s involved in proper muscle function. Creatine works by facilitating the recycling of the muscle’s fuel, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Creatine is normally found in the muscles, but it can also be taken as a dietary supplement. When it’s taken as a supplement, it can increase the muscle’s intrinsic creatine content by up to 40%.

This increase will facilitate more production of energy, which translates to more muscle gain. Some studies have even shown that creatine can improve muscle strength. Muscle strength translates to better exercise performance, which then translates to greater muscle gain over time.


Beta-alanine is another naturally occurring molecule that can help you gain muscle. Unlike creatine, it acts by reducing fatigue and increasing performance during exercise. Since you’re already on an exercise schedule, beta-alanine’s boost of your exercise program will help you gain weight.

Several studies have verified its effects on the body. For example, one study found that taking 4 grams of beta-alanine every day for eight weeks increased the lean muscle gain in individuals with a workout routine.

Branched-chain amino acid (BCAA)

There are 20 amino acids that make up protein. Three of those are referred to as BCAA, and they are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids can stimulate protein synthesis in the body and help to regulate protein metabolism. Branched-chain amino acids are found in animal protein like fish, meat, and poultry.

You probably already consume lots of BCAAs from your daily diet, since they are so widely available. Besides increasing your protein synthesis, BCAAs can also decrease your post-exercise soreness and improve your endurance.

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emdcsssxh Smith
emdcsssxh Smith
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emsxssxh Smithdc
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3 years ago

In order to get more out of the gym, you can use any set of supplements for sports nutrition. Also, don’t forget about organic supplements for energy, which your body often needs after a workout