Some of the Most Incredible Life Journeys Begin with a Tarot Reading


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Just recently, the Hollywood blockbuster movie Tarot was released nationwide. Directed by Anna Halberg and Spencer Cohen, this pulse-pounding horror exploded onto the big screen. A fascinating take on the genre, Tarot tells the story of a unique set of hand-painted Tarot cards infused with the spirit of a sorcerer who was condemned to an eternity in hell. Of course, this fascinating storyline is largely fictional, but the power of the Tarot is not. The tagline of the film – you should never play with someone else’s Tarot cards – presents an interesting point of departure for an epic storyline. 

In fact, anyone interested in discovering the trajectory of their life journey, either through travels, fate, or circumstance, may wish to delve a little deeper into Tarot cards. Granted, the overplayed Hollywood hype is a fictional creation designed to captivate attention and market the film through its numerous jump-scare tactics.

But beyond the surreal, ethereal, and phantasmal elements lies a gripping reality: Tarot cards have the power to provide fascinating insights. Today, we explore this topic in greater detail. Get comfortable; it’s going to be an uplifting experience!

What do the Tarot cards mean for your life journey?

There are 78 tarot cards, which are divided into several categories. The Major Arcana describes the fall’s journey. Here, there are 22 cards in the set, creating the core foundation of the Tarot card deck. We list the Tarot cards from the Major Arcana as follows:

Card Upright Reversed
The Fool Innocence, new beginnings, free spirit Recklessness, taken advantage of, inconsideration
The Magician Willpower, desire, creation, manifestation Trickery, illusions, out of touch
The High Priestess Intuitive, unconscious, inner voice Lack of center, lost inner voice, repressed feelings
The Empress Motherhood, fertility, nature Dependence, smothering, emptiness, nosiness
The Emperor Authority, structure, control, fatherhood Tyranny, rigidity, coldness
The Hierophant Tradition, conformity, morality, ethics Rebellion, subversiveness, new approaches
The Lovers Partnerships, duality, union Loss of balance, one-sidedness, disharmony
The Chariot Direction, control, willpower Lack of control, lack of direction, aggression
Strength Inner strength, bravery, compassion, focus Self-doubt, weakness, insecurity
The Hermit Contemplation, search for truth, inner guidance Loneliness, isolation, lost your way
The Wheel of Fortune Change, cycles, inevitable fate No control, clinging to control, bad luck
Justice Cause and effect, clarity, truth Dishonesty, unaccountability, unfairness
The Hanged Man Sacrifice, release, martyrdom Stalling, needless sacrifice, fear of sacrifice
Death End of cycle, beginnings, change, metamorphosis Fear of change, holding on, stagnation, decay
Temperance Middle path, patience, finding meaning Extremes, excess, lack of balance
The Devil Addiction, materialism, playfulness Freedom, release, restoring control
The Tower Sudden upheaval, broken pride, disaster Disaster avoided, delayed disaster, fear of suffering
The Star Hope, faith, rejuvenation Faithlessness, discouragement, insecurity
The Moon Unconscious, illusions, intuition Confusion, fear, misinterpretation
The Sun Joy, success, celebration, positivity Negativity, depression, sadness
Judgement Reflection, reckoning, awakening Lack of self-awareness, doubt, self-loathing
The World Fulfillment, harmony, completion Incompletion, no closure

It’s important to point out that each card in the Major Arcana has tremendous significance, especially when divination is conducted by a professional Tarot card reader. These 22 cards form the bedrock – the core of the deck. Each one of these cards hold extra special significance vis-a-vis life journey stages. They are symbolic, thematic, and integral to describing and detailing the human experience. For example, The Hanged Man – a terrifying symbol – symbolizes sacrifice and new perspectives. It’s not necessarily a bad omen, but it does indicate that change is coming. In other words, it may be time to let go or to perceive something from an entirely different angle. Therefore, The Hanged Man represents enlightenment. 

Another symbol that routinely freaks out the folks is The Devil. Be advised that this symbol is about narcissism, self-indulgence, materialism, and possession. However, drawing The Devil Card does not conjure the devil – on the contrary, it raises awareness about the presence of limiting forces on our progression. Yet another fascinating mystical symbol is The High Priestess; she represents intuitive ability, mystery, and knowledge. It harkens to an inward search for enlightenment. Temperance is another important Major Arcana symbol. It represents balance, which is precisely what is needed when navigating between extreme options. The Wheel of Fortune is another of the MA symbols, this one representing fads, cycles, and changes. Since life is dynamic, no situation remains the same.

The Suit of Wands


Card Upright Meanings Reversed Meanings
Knight of Wands Action, adventure, fearlessness Anger, impulsiveness, recklessness
King of Wands Big picture, leader, overcoming challenges Impulsive, overbearing, unachievable expectations
Queen of Wands Courage, determination, joy Selfishness, jealousy, insecurities
Page of Wands Exploration, excitement, freedom Lack of direction, procrastination, creating conflict
Two of Wands Planning, making decisions, leaving home Fear of change, playing safe, bad planning
Three of Wands Looking ahead, expansion, rapid growth Obstacles, delays, frustration
Five of Wands Competition, rivalry, conflict Avoiding conflict, respecting differences
Six of Wands Victory, success, public reward Excess pride, lack of recognition, punishment
Eight of Wands Rapid action, movement, quick decisions Panic, waiting, slowdown
Nine of Wands Resilience, grit, last stand Exhaustion, fatigue, questioning motivations
Ten of Wands Accomplishment, responsibility, burden Inability to delegate, overstressed, burnt out
Ace of Wands Creation, willpower, inspiration, desire Lack of energy, lack of passion, boredom
Four of Wands Community, home, celebration Lack of support, transience, home conflicts
Seven of Wands Perseverance, defensive, maintaining control Give up, destroyed confidence, overwhelmed


A good tarot card reader will tell you that there are four suits, typically including the Minor Arcana, Pentacles, Swords, and Cups. Each one of these suits corresponds to a different component of the human experience. Fire and wands go together, and we can expect themes of spirituality, passion, energy, determination, and inspiration. It is all about your personal life journey, your ambitious nature, your spiritualism, or your creativity. 

Wands pertain to the inner spirit. It’s all about achievement – defining your goals and aspiring towards them. Yet, despite these positives, there are several negatives in play. Exhaustion and burnout, as well as recklessness and impulsiveness, are common. It’s all about context, however, particularly in Tarot card decks and readings. There is a unique interrelatedness between the cards since this largely determines how the cards will be interpreted.

This Suit of Cups is a water element. It governs relationships, emotions, and intuition. It typifies the fluidity of emotion, feelings, and mutual affection and details the pain exhibited with emotional loss. The key cards in this realm include the Ace of Cups, the Two of Cups, the Three of Cups, the 4 – 10 of Cups, and, of course, the Court Cards. Each of the cards listed above portrays how we connect with our emotions and with other people. Honesty is required when unveiling the secrets presented in the Tarot.

In conclusion, we can confidently infer that Tarot readings offer deep insights into a metaphysical realm where energy flows through cards to reveal information. Yet, these readings offer a profound interplay of many forces shaping the current trajectory of our lives. Expert readers can offer profound insights through guidance, inspiration, or understanding. As a means to reveal truths on our personal journeys, Tarot wisdom provides direction and connection to our destiny.

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